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ethan's ban appeal

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Name: ethan mate


Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:443402991


Banned by: console


Ban reason: Karma to low.


Why you should be unbanned: I know I was banned due to lack of karma. But the ban does not give me any time where I will be unbanned? I was banned about 13 hours ago. and I was told to visit this forum.

- is this ban permanent?

-If not, when can I have a time when I get  unbanned.

- Thanks.


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Posted  Edited by Guest




if you can manage to convince me why you thought it was ok to shoot through one player to try and shoot another then i'll unban my ban.

5 reports in 3 rounds doesn't look good no matter what, even if one or two are forgiven.


you're also lucky i didn't look through the damage logs of round 9 to see if you "accidentally" shot someone else, if i would have you'd most likely be looking at a week ban for attempted mass rdm (killing 2 and critically injuring a 3rd)

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Electroneo's report to me '' why u kill me, you don't see me." was because i got hit for a lot of damage from exactly his direction. and when i looked over someone is there  on top of a tree with a sniper out. as I shoot Electroneo walked in front of my cross hair.

 I don't know why he said in the report " u don't see me "  . 

 bad English perhaps???


Another one of those reports are from somebody who i forgot the name of. Here is the situation.

A bloke that was " kill on sight" (kos) was going rogue with his pump shotty and I got my rifle out and blew his head of but got a lucky Collateral ( A gaming term used when a player kills two or more players with one sniper bullet.)        because someone had happen to be behind him.                                       (  I DON'T KNOW HOW TO UNHILIGHT THIS SORRY.)


One other report was where I pressed the drop button on T tester. which I have to admit is good fun.


the rest are probably me killing someone annoying or Killing people just on suspicion.


hopefully I convinced you.   :xD:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    thank you, Ethan


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Posted  Edited by Mr.DarkSide - Edit Reason: grammar

I'm sorry to barge in to this lovely chat i have no reason to be in, but I must give my personal opinion.

1. you specifically state in the first paragraph that you killed a man based on his location (which is considered rdm)

2. don't be an arse in your ban appeals, like defining kos or collateral, it can and is seen as rude and rude people often don't get far

3. is this someones alt that that got banned just so they could make this appeal (no sane person would believe this would ever work)

4. you admitted to rdming via tester

5. you admitted that you kill people for being "annoying" or "just on suspicion"

6. actually, i want to know whose alt this is, because ima feel stupid.

7. i don't have a 7th reason, i just like the number 7, so..... in conclusion, you seem like a toxic player and you don't deserve to have your ban appealed. but that's just the opinion of someone who is literally figuratively retarded


i have since been told to not respond to these things in the future, I'm sure there was something written somewhere telling me to not, but i'm an idiot, sorry.


Edited by Mr.DarkSide

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I'm sorry to reply because it might be very rude . but I might just give my personal opinion.


yes I agree. It is extremely rude  to give definitions at this day. 

I don't really mind if this doesn't get appealed because i only have to wait 2 hours now.:P

originally I was enquiring to see how long my karma ban had left but turns out I had another ban.

are these reasons why my ban shouldn't be appealed? If they are you actually have 3 reasons. 1,4 and 5.

In conclusion your post was unnecessary and unhelpful and that's my opinion.

-Opinion     (a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - thanks, Ethan's opinion.

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