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Gag Appeal

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Posted  Edited by ManFromAGame

Your In Game Name:       Corpse Collection Program


Your Steam ID:                  STEAM_0:0:78554902


Which Admin Muted you:        TheSadBandit


Mute Reason:     Unknown (Probably because my mic is loud and I forgot to lower the volume on it whenever I start up my computer) also a lil mic spam


Why should you be Unmuted:    I really like this server and being unable to communicate efficiently sucks, I promise I will try and remember to lower my mic and not mic spam 

Sincerely Jak :)

Edited by ManFromAGame

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Posted  Edited by TheSadBandit

Accepted/Denied. I'll ungag you next week. 



- you sort of lied or exaggerated in your appeal

     - you didn't mic spam a little, as I had to warn you like 3 times, I even used !warn on you.

- the first time I gagged you was because you were screaming into the mic, and you were not helping with the mic spam of the already 40 people that were on. 

- "forgot to turn down the volume" is not a valid excuse as I had warned you multiple times to turn down the volume and stop mic spamming, and you acknowledged this by saying "oh am I gagged because I mic spammed again?"

Edited by TheSadBandit

Former Gmod Prop Hunt Admin

Former Media Team Team Leader

Former Media Team GFX Member

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