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AESTHETIC Event Strategy Thread

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Soooooo excited for the event, we have quite the team assembling already and lots of Discord chatter about it. With that said, lots of good info flying around in discord but that gets lost... lets consolidate a strat (or multiple strats) to try here on the forums that are easy to review and reference. Here is what I know works so far, would love to see other tips/hints to help any new players that may not have as much experience on AESTHETIC. 



Section #1 The Spawn through the 1st boss fight


1. Spawn Defense:

When you spawn, go up the steps and make the jumps across the squares and then turn and defend once you clear them. You can shoot zombies back through the stairs you just climbed, and you dont have to wait to shoot them down. If you are facing the spawn and shooting zombies, there are 2 holes you can go through on the ground behind you when it comes time to fall back (right side, left side). The trigger is on the left side, we need almost everyone to defend and go right side. Dont worry about the trigger, the faster players will be responsible for getting it, the rest defend. There will be an animation of balloons once left side triggers, then you fall back. As you drop down the hole, fall back to the stairs and hold there before climbing up the ladder. You hold there, and as soon as you see the first zombie, drop down the entrance you just came through you count to 5 and then fall all the way back. The door blocking the tube will open immediately as you reach it if you follow this timing (its kind of neat how well that works). 


2. The 2x Helix + Stairs

Run Run Run through the tube, there is a TP coming that will rock your socks off if you stay and defend.... you dont have to jump on the squares, just fall back knives out running, you wont fall. At the end of the white an purple squares, there is a gap before you jump to the bottom blocks that start the 2x helix. dont fall in, you have to jump! Whim will call you a noob on mic if you die here. Run all the way up to the top of the 2x helix. There are 2 large balls that block the path 1/2 way up... hold there. 1st leader or backup leader, someone needs to call out 1 player to trigger each button on the connecting DNA/RNA strands of the 2x helix. We only need 1 player, and we need to make sure we trigger each button. I can do this, or whoever is 2nd leader can do this... just call out "someone is getting 1, someone is getting 2, ok someone needs to grab 3... ok Potti got it, someone get 4....." something like that.... once you trigger the button keep running across and go wait at the ball.  Head up to the top once the balls break and defend on the Purple connectors or on the very center button on the very top section. If you are on the grey (is that the right color, i forget) area between the outside and the center, stairs are going to come down from the top and knock you off to your death... this is normally a tough trim if you are not ready for it.... whim will also call you a noob and probably PJ too... While you wait for the stairs, you have to shoot the zombies off the sides, you cannot let the make it to the top. If you can shoot them off, the spawn way far down and it makes your life on the next part far more simple. As soon as the stairs drop you CLIMB like you life depends on it, because it actually does... there is going to be a Zombie TP very soon after the stairs appear and so you need to get out of there ASAP. Jump, you have to jump. Its a lot of crouch jumping. *** Pro Tip, if you are stuck at back of the pack and struggling, you only need to survive till the good players make it to the top and defend for you... if you have to nade, just bounce it off the stair in front of you so it ricochets behind you to get the zombies... dont turn and shoot/throw, just keep jumping *** . Once you get to the top turn and defend for your team, the name of the game is keeping everyone alive! Everyone, avoid the trims and stay alive... we need the numbers!!!!!!!! PLEASE DONT DIE FOR SILLY REASONS HERE!!!!


3. The Cabin + the Ship

Once you get to the top of the stairs you defend a bit 5-10 seconds depending how quick you got up there. Save your nades, just shoot. Zombies are jumping so shooting them is highly effective for knocking them back/off. There is a rotating circle behind you if you are shooting down, and the leader will call out when to fall back. When they do, fall back. There are dark strips on the ground as you run towards the tube that just opened..... those are not just colored strips, those are gaps and you will fall in and die if you dont jump. Dont get trimmed here, you are getting close to many of the really exciting parts! Go through the tube and jump down, and immediately go right. There is a trigger if you go strait and the fastest players will go get it. There is a lot of jumping strait, so dont even risk it if you are not in 1st -3rd place running... just go left.. Jump off the platform once you have turned left into the cabin. Get to the back near the door then defend the tube. There will be a TP so run into the Cabin ASAP and defend. The door will open after 5-10 seconds and then you fall back (Jump) out of the door and then turn and defend the door while your team mates (whoever is fastest) triggers the ship. once you see that it has been triggered, or leader calls out to fall back, go onto the wings of the ship and defend the zombies. *** SUPER IMPORTANT: once the ship starts moving, DO NOT MOVE, DO NOT JUMP, REMAIN STILL UNTIL THE SHIP HAS FULLY STOPPED MOVING ***. Dont die here, only noobs die here, and zombies will sometimes yell out "Jump Jump Jump" when the ship starts moving... dont fall for it.... if you do, you just let a zombie kill you without even knifing you...


5. The Chess Board and the Jumps

Once the ship stops, JUMP off and get to the 1/2 way point of the bridge and turn around and face the ship. Zombies will spawn on top of the elevated structure to the left side. Shoot them off and hold while the fast players drop down below and trigger. Once we trigger, start to backpedal. There is a big gap at the end of the bridge and a ram will drop down connecting us to the next part. There is a gap in the middle of the ramps, so dont fall in.... Also, it looks like stairs you would have to jump... dont be fooled, it is just a ramp so run knives out! If you are at the end for whatever reason, you can use 1 nade if it is life or death! Fall all the way back, up the stairs, and you will come to the final jumps/hold before the 1st boss fight . Make the jumps... there are only 3, take your time. They are not hard, but if you fall you will most likely only get 1 more chance to make the jumps... and that chance will be to go up the middle, not the side jumps... if you make it to the top, defend your team mates and save them if they fell. Fastest players trigger the bottom platforms if you are one of the first to make it to the jumps. Defend for like 10 seconds. There will be a portal the opens behind you if you are defending. *** PRO TIPS: there are gaps were the platform trigger buttons raised, so dont back pedal, and watch where you are going. There is also a gap when you jump into the portal, dont run into it... you have to jump into it or you will fall and die to the zombies***


6  1st Boss Fight, The Eyes!!!!!!!!

Run through the portal and simply hold forward ("W" for most... not me, I use Arrows, but for most it will be the "W" button". This is going to set up the rest of the boss fight as success, or failure. Everyone needs to get to the far side by the doors and away from the player designated to "Kite" the boss (Potti I think, but PJ, Whim, Myself and other know how as well of potti died to a trim like a noob). Everyone get away from the player the 2 boss eyes lock onto. If we do this, the boss will lock onto that player, and they will run in circle in a specific area where they will avoid damage, and keep the boss away from everyone else. RULES FOR SURVIVAL:

1. Dont move or Jump. If for some reason the boss locks onto you dont jump, and dont run towards the other players... lead the boss away and you run in a strafing circle 1/2 in the water, 1/2 out of the water, where 2 flat areas create an angle up the side walls so the boss keeps bouncing off of it and avoiding giving damage to the player "Kiting". 

2. Buy Negevs. If you are just shooting on the far side, buy negevs, it is the best for the boss. just crouch and spray. The Boss HP is linked between the 2 eyeballs, so shoot either one, it does not matter. Ever everyone does this with Negevs, and we didnt loose to many players to falling/trims, we can kill the boss in like 20 seconds EZPZ. 


Section #2, Split Up, Come Together, Dont Go Down The Tube, Dont Get Kicked, and 2nd Boss Fight coming up next... or someone else can do it... 


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Section #2, Split Up, Come Together, Dont Go Down The Tube, Dont Get Kicked, and 2nd Boss Fight 


Ok, we beat the eyes and have 50 players left... hurrayyyy....... we are doing great! 


1. Split up, Come Back Together

most players will be facing the boss shooting (hopefully all of them. Once the eyes pop, most players turn to the right and exit that door that will open. If you go that way, just run... knives out, and run... zombies will be dropping down from above soon. If you go left, you need to defend and back pedal. Get a bizon/p90 and backpedal. 1 person trigger while the rest (8-10 or so) defend and delay the zombies as we fall back. Once the door is triggered, throw a nade and fall all the way back up the ramp. 


2. Come Together

we will all meet back up together, and defend any stragglers. We are coming to one of the harder jumps if you are rushing. There are 2 glowing white balls that are separated by a gap. You need to jump from one to the other. TAKE.... YOUR.... TIME.... if you know you can make the jump, help defend a bit. Once you make the jump, back up a little then turn and defend so everyone can get back. At the end of the arm that holds the white ball you just jumped to, to your left there are several green ropes you need to jump to and climb. dont strafe climb them!!!!!!!!! you will fall.... Just jump strait to them and climb up.... once up turn and defend for your team mates so they can fall back safely. Then everyone fall back as a TP is coming.


*** PRO TIP... if you fall at the 2 white ball jump, or the ropes, you fall into the bossfight room... thats not the end of the world tbh... if you can stay alive you will TP with the zombies and have a fighting chance.... the trick if you get TPed is the hold left strafe immediately and if your team mates are covering for you, you can run around the pack of zombies to the outside of the TP cluster and make it back to the team... do this, and you have a 50/50 chance of making it... so if you fall, just run and delay and stay alive... I have pulled this off a few times when I was drunk and struggling with that jump.... ****


3. Don't Go Down The Tube

while your team is covering the ropes, if you are door hugging and falling back you MUST NEVER GO DOWN THE TUBE until the leader gives the command. When 1 player goes down the tube, that triggers the TP counter and it will cut everyone off and we lose the round and wasted 20-25 min of our lives.... (its a long map). Wait till the whole team is fallen back to the tube and the leader calls out to "go down" when you go down, most players go to the left. surf down!

*** PRO TIP, while you are waiting with your back to the tube NOT GOING DOWN YET, there is another raised platform across from the tube. There is a pool of water there, if you go in it, it regenerates any health you may have lost to the boss fight... there are NPCs ahead, and 3 more boss fights, so regenerate your health if you have time. ***


4. Dont Get Kicked

Shoot the NPCs and stay away from them as they will kick you across the map and probably to your death. If you went left like you should have, just get to the ladder. a few players go right to get the key. Right/strait is way harder and if you dont know what you are doing you will probably die, so just go left please. Get up the ladder and watch for NPCs, and Zombies that may know the surf exploit or get boosted. Shoot them off the ladder till leader calls that  we should fall back. There is a gate that opens with the key. 


5. 2nd boss fight

you fall back from the gate, and go through some tunnels and i think swim down then up or something like that and come to a room with a central elevator, and a shaft that goes up. There is a path around the outside of the shaft, and a platform in the middle. I will let Whim/PJ/Potti chime in on the strat here as there are a few options, but basically a few players go in the middle and shoot the boss, and the rest stay to the outside as the water level rises to keep the zombies help back on the ramp around the outside wall to prevent them from getting onto the middle platform. 


Lads, description of the strat will we use for the 2nd boss? if we can keep 30+ alive after 2nd boss it should be a win!


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2nd boss general strategy: Team splits on elevator and ramp. Ramp stays away from the water (no edging!) while elevator shoots boss. Boss spawns NPCs that are HIGH PRIORITY TARGETS. KILL NPCs FIRST ALWAYS. The boss has two identical parts and the defense is also the same. At the end of the second part, defenders can jump on the lift for a free ride to the top!

After arriving at the top, stay with the team and defend. About 5-10 people will be triggering and telling you when to fall back (we only really need like 3 but everyone likes triggering amirite). When you teleport from zone to zone you will be spawned facing the wrong direction! Turn 180 degrees and run or get trimmed. :O.o:

For the third boss, you will all be shooting colored hands. There is already a guide on this boss in the previous A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C event thread with pictures, but here's my version:
Above there are 3 hands. One has an arrow over it. There is a Roman Numeral (I, II, or III) above. This determines which of the three larger, closer hands you will shoot. Start from the location of the arrow (when it's not moving) and remember where it's pointing. The arrow will start dancing around and one of the numerals will appear up above. Start on where the arrow was pointed and count:

  • Left one hand for I
  • 0 spaces for II
  • Right one space for III

Shoot until the arrow stops again, and repeat. After the boss fight, immediately turn and defend from the zombies.

I might finish this later, but if not just remember to listen to leaders! Good luck and remember to have fun.

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i know BB, but since we cannot nominate AESTHETIC i have not been able to take some Screenshots... also i only play GFL ZE, and cannot bring my self to jump in with sG, and the asian servers are just way too weebish!!!!!!!


I was going to just do an offline tutorial, but then Whim said he would... dont worry, pics on the way... assuming anyone is reading this afterall... 

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Let me say something about the surf tube.

When it's time to fall back and leader says go down, those who can do the surf boost at the bottom should stay up top and keep shooting zombies for a little longer. This will give the rest of the team time to kill the npcs at the bottom and get up the ladders. ZOMBIES WILL BE BOOSTING THEMSELVES so every second we can defend will save lives because it's easy to lose some when a zombie goes flying straight to the ladder. I'm not sure the timing but I know the bottom zm teleport is delayed a bit.

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Hallway teleports after 2nd boss


Those who are running ahead shoot and kill the npcs in the hallways. When you come to the corner in the green room STOP and wait for the rest of the team to catch up. When you pass through the final teleport zone to the 3rd boss it activates the zombie tp and you can easily kill half the team who were back defending.

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On 7/18/2018 at 12:45 AM, hotEvercLear said:

easy enough to track... 


views =/= people actually reading what your wrote



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true... but most individuals who take the time to click and load a thread topic read the content of said topic, and that % is even higher for individuals who take the time to post a response. 


So thanks for reading! ; P

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