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Oropeu's ban appeal

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Steam id: STEAM_0:0:164324388

Banned by:Console

Ban reason:Karma too low

Why i should be unbanned:

Well here is my storie: here was i minding my on bussnes when a guy starded shoting at a crowd so i did the most semseble thing shot at him,he was a inno, but in the mid of the caos i had killed a inno by crossfire,then for some weird reason a guy  just shot a detective and killed him,again i did the most sensible thing shot him,AGAIN HE WAS INNO,then fastforward 8 secs later a guy no reason given startded shoting at someone,again no traidor called nothing he just stated shoting at him so i killed him look like the guy was inno and the person that he shot was a traidor(again he didnt say shit about the guy he just went there and shot at him),for all the admin and members that khow me i rarely rdm when i do i have a good reason like "he is prop flyling" "he is prop killing" "i have dna on this guy/woman"soo yeah this is my first ban soo yeah idk if this is how you BAn appeal or not soo yeah.....

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Posted  Edited by TheSadBandit

Also, you were karma banned, so @MilkMan @Pyros @flyingjoe32are the only ones with the ability to unban you. 

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