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Won't Be Available On Friday, July 20th @ 11 AM CST

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I just wanted to let everyone know I won't be available this Friday from 11 AM until somewhere in the late afternoon. I have scheduled an appointment with a surgeon. After this appointment, we will schedule another appointment to have my hernia removed. This will result in me needing some time off as well.


I will keep everybody updated.



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2 hours ago, Violator said:

You still haven't taken care of it? Holy shit mate.

Unfortunately not. The surgeon I had back in New Jersey cancelled the night before surgery (I had to call them to find out). Afterwards, they kept blowing me off and I just gave up.


While having work business trips and moving, I didn't want to schedule anything. So that led to now. I'm hoping to get the surgery scheduled ASAP after the appointment on Friday. I have great health insurance now and the place I called sounds promising, so I'm hoping I don't run into issues like last time.


Thanks for the support everyone!

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Roy is gay


Anyways, I'm still full support of you using my donation dollars toward your surgery if needed.


Also I forgot where the hernia was located (mind telling us again :) )

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