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Karma Ban Appeal

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Name: officernoodles


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82045730 


Banned by: Console


Ban reason: Karma Too Low


Why you should be unbanned: Tlar was online when this happened. A Detective called a KOS on me because I would no go test after the 3 warnings for Force Test so I killed him since he called the KOS. Console then banned me once the round was over. ( I had killed a prop killer before that so all in all only 2 people died that weren't traitors ). Tlar then banned me for 6 hours because he thought I left to avoid the report that was on me from the detective. Luckly I have a friend who was on and told him over steam and Tlar apologized and removed the rdm and leave. However I would still like for my Karma ban to be removed becuase it is honestly BS how you can follow the rules and KOS for whats KOSable but still get banned from the console for doing everything within the rules

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