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Karma Ban Appeal

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Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60708743


Banned by:CONSOLE


Ban reason:Karma too low


Why you should be unbanned:

Well, yeah, I got karma banned while following every single rule and actively trying to not drop karma. I was low on karma already and I think my tbuddy walking into the tnt cart i called out in all chat, as i do, tipped me over the edge. @Dekko can vouch for the validity of this statement as he was on the whole time (i was not slayed at all during the play session, as is normal).

Edited by Mr.DarkSide
Punctuation/Capitalization/Grammatical errors

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45 minutes ago, MilkMan said:

I’ll unban but you will have to be in spectator if your karma is still low.

Karma usually resets after a map change if i'm remembering correctly.



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