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Mr Z

More SCPs and me going crazy looking for playermodels...

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there are no fucking pure black playermodels, you'd think with how big the GMod workshop is, there would be at least one.

I swear i searched the workshop for hours to find a model for SCP-122-1 but i couldn't find anything that came close, so i said FUCK IT and just put a model that i thought would work just fine, anyways we could replace it with a better one in the future right? if one is ever made...


MODEL - FUCK IT if i search any longer i'll go fucking insane

Health - 200

Attack - 30

Ability - When right clicking players in the area will fall asleep, which then a SCP-122-1 will spawn in their place, the player put to sleep will take the role of the 122-1, a player can be woken up by hurting them.

Passive - The more 122-1's alive, the bigger then range of their ability.

Spawn - by 106

Relationships Friendly: SCPs | Hostile: Humans | Neutral: None



MODEL - I Don't think there are any Obsidian Knife models

Attack - 25

Ability - When a player attacks another player with this, said attacker mimics the appearance of the victim, but the victim must stay alive to keep the appearance. Note they do keep their name, team, and shit, only the playermodel and some stats get changed. Also it lasts for 1 minute for each stab.

now about the stats, this weapon if used correctly can be extremely overpowered, but its risky to do this shit, a player can basically become a scp by attacking with this, well the appearance and stats but not the abilities, so no you can't change into 173 due to him being concrete, anything that is fleshy can be transformed into.

so if you stab a researcher as dclass you look like the researcher and gain his health, if hes at 78 HP and you're at 100 you're dropped to his HP.

and, you can become a SCP, so stab 682? you have his HP for a minute or until he dies, BUT its RISKY AS FUCK to melee 682 and is it even worth it?

SCPs you cant become - 173, 066, Basically anything that isnt flesh.

Passive - Using 034 too much will cause side effects, become a scp isn't recommended, especially 682.

Becoming 682, if you revert back, you'll instantly die...

Becoming other SCPs, you will take 20 damage when you revert back

Now onto the effects,

Becoming 682, you'll be able attack teammates due to insanity from going through such a large and painful transformation.

When 682 you are not able to use weapons, but you can use 682's Swep, you'll drop the obsidian knife and all your items/weapons.

When transforming into a SCP and reverting back you will be neutral to teammates due to mental scarring.

When becoming 1471 and turning back, you'll have a shit ton of stuff on your back

-Neutral to all teammates of course

-Less HP

-Plus the 20 Damage :P

-Random moments of uncontrol, you'll move forward for no reason for 3 seconds, this happens every 30 seconds.

Reasoning is because literally everyone except 1471 is a dude, if you didn't know 1471 is a female.

Location - 106s dimension inside the throne room, if you didn't know, the red room in 106's dimension is called the throne room.

this makes it harder to get it since it can be Overpowered As Fuck

Relationships | Hostile: Everyone when becoming 682 |

This one would be interesting to see, and if someone RDMs someone because they're stupid and didn't read the info while looking at the person, that's their fault, its like 076-2Pandora's box, he gets gunned down sometimes, sure you can argue if they see them from a distance, this is why it would be interesting, it would have people second guessing things they see.



MODEL - I Believe there is a Rotary Phone model in the pack, is it possible to apply a model of a prop to a player?

Health - 125

Attack - 5, Rapid Fire staples that cause short bleeding, 10 Per Clip, Unlimited Ammo to reload from.

Ability - The 079 on the Foundations Side

acts like 079 except is more focused on door controls and spawning and communication.

-Note it can toggle its camera view.

-Has a camera of every room.

-Has a built in radio that it can change, Radio 1-Whatever it basically acts like the Radio Item.

-Can Spawn reinforcements of NTF [Early-Game]

-Can Spawn reinforcements of Dr. Clefs Strippers [Lambda] [Mid-Game]

-Can Spawn reinforcements of Pandora's Box [Late-Game]

-When 079 is alive, he can hack and disable his abilities for 30 seconds, but 079 can do this to him also.

-Can open any gate, if the gate is level 5 it has to be there personally to hack it.

-Will know who is C.I

-Has a built in SNAV but not a SNAV Ultimate.

Passive - It has a really fucking slow walk.

Spawn - Medbay with MTF

Relationships Friendly: Foundation | Hostile: SCPs, ClassD, C.I, Serpents Hand, Anything that's hostile to foundation members | Neutral: None

Props to this guy, he became an SCP and immediately turned himself in, even suggested to be made euclid since he knows level-4 Security shit.



MODEL - Just make it a black cube

Health - 100

Ability - Every Minute the cube will shift and an event will happen, an announcement will be made to every player

"SCP-090 HAS SHIFTED, LEVEL [1-4 + APOCORUBIK] EVENT!" it will not tell what event however.

LEVEL 1 EVENTS: Random Player taking 50 Damage | Every player taking 10 damage, These events can happen at the start

LEVEL 2 EVENTS: 066 Spawning | 966 Spawning | 076 With 1 life Spawning, These events can happen at the start

LEVEL 3 EVENTS: 682 Spawning | 457 Spawning | 173 Spawning | The Surface becoming too hot for the whole round causing players to be set on fire for being on it, These events can't start until 7:00

LEVEL 4 EVENTS: Half the players being wiped out | Every SCP spawning except 079 | 008 being released by infecting 2 players, These events can't start until 5:00


Passive - Determining on the damage done

-1-25 Damage = Level 1 Event

-26-50 Damage = Level 2 Event

-51-99 Damage = Level 3 Event

-100 Damage = Level 4 Event

Spawn - HCZ Outside 682's Cell



MODEL - Oh look another Microwave SCP suggestion

Health - 100

Ability - Ages shit, putting items inside destroys them

Now it will only be used probably for mass destruction so here

Setting 1 = Nothing

Setting 2 = Nothing but some items being destroyed in players inventorys

Setting 3 = Players slowly loosing 1 HP every 2 seconds

Setting 4 = Every player is alerted that SCP-119 is set to Level 4 and is being used, Players take 3 Damage a second.

Setting 5 = Every player is alerted that SCP-119 is set to level 5 and is being used, Players take 6 damage every second, but if the user sets it to this they die themselfs instantly due to the blast of the time manipulating radiation.

Only way to stop this is by turning it off, destroying it causes a blast of time radiation killing everyone, even SCPs.

Passive - When damaged, it breaks causing it to effect everything in the facility if used.

Spawn - Cafeteria

Note-Fuck i broke my headphones while writing this one, i slapped them down and boom, broken, what the fuck do they make these out of Jesus Christ.



MODEL - Its a Swep

Attack - 100 Damage

Ability - When left clicking a player, the player must keep contact with the other player for 3 seconds, after which the player takes 100 damage.

Right clicking allows you to kill yourself, just hold RMB down for 3 seconds and boom, your dead.

Passive - None

Spawn - Fuck if i know



MODEL - A Telephone

Attack - Instantly kills any player that touches it.

Ability - If a player answers it, they will hear panicked screaming from players previously killed by it.

this is done through chat...


shit like that

Passive - if the player using it has a flamethrower, or any high damaging weapon, half of the players will die and they will all be "heard" on the other end.

There is a chance for you to survive, if you survive you'll

-Revive every player killed by it

-Gain 500 HP

Note players that get near it hear ringing, if they leave it without answering the ringing gets louder, and louder, not to the point of earrape but loud, it will stick with them until they die.

Spawn - ETZ or EZ >_> in the office with the radio, the administrator office.


Fuck this took forever, i'm fucking tired, and i'm annoyed about my headphones.




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Is your mental health okay? I swear to god you’ve made about 600 suggestions in the past 2 months. Maybe not 600 different threads, but 600 different suggestions in the threads you’ve made. Like Jesus Christ man, are you okay? You’ve probably spent hours and hours at this point reading up on SCPs, figuring out how they could fit into the game, and looking for models. 

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5 hours ago, miike475 said:

Is your mental health okay?

I'm guessing no.

5 hours ago, miike475 said:

You’ve probably spent hours and hours at this point reading up on SCPs, figuring out how they could fit into the game, and looking for models. 

You're actually very correct, i spend 3-6 hours working on these, 1st to 2nd hour searching for suitable SCPs, then reading and writing the ideas as i go.




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28 minutes ago, Cpt.Haxray said:

SCP-086 would be fun, but better off not letting it move at all.

It says it can do minor movements and interactions with objects around it i believe




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