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Hey y’al! I’m here to tell you about something that i’ve just started learning. As many of you know i play a shit ton of GMod. And I also have a load of free time. So I’ve decided to take on something that is pretty big, programming. Like I said before i play gmod. A lot of things in gmod has to do with LUA. So you have probably guessed it by now, I am trying to learn a bit of LUA. By learning LUA i can hopefully dev a few servers with the free time or maybe in a few months to a year, i can develop for GFL. I’m making this thread to ask you experienced programmers any tips or tricks I can use to be a really good developer. Please, leave anything down in the comments and I will be sure to read every single one.                   -Skit :hahayes3:

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When I first got manager, my DLs suggested that I watch a few of these videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFpuE-Qjn4EWqX-VJ_l7pbw/videos?disable_polymer=1


He explains the concepts and stuff pretty clearly. It's interesting to see how he codes and how he demonstrates his code too. Also, if you're going to get into LUA "seriously", please use Notepad++ and the Lua plugin. It's really easy to use, and even highlights potential errors you might make with syntax and stuff. I'm not the greatest teacher, but lemmie know if you've got any questions in the future :P

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I feel like this clubs thing was not a very good idea, but they have the programming section over there with old threads, tutorials, and you could post up your project ideas and progress.





I have read a lot of literature and completed many accredited modules some taught by very reputable people, but I still find the best way of learning is to just give it a go and try.  Let things break.  Try it wrong.  It's okay.  There's no good substitution for struggle.


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