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I'm so dead

Didn't know that GFL had a SQUAD server

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We recently received a server license so we can be on the official server list.



We plan on having one server in Europe (server is already up) and one server in the United States. Both will be 80 slots. If they populate, we will definitely set up more!


I will be officially announcing this division once we have an admin team and the manager is announced.


You can find a list of Squad servers here. If you'd like to help out, please play and idle on the server. I'm sure it'll start filling up if you do so!



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3 hours ago, I'msodead said:

That explains a lot. It was a once of a blue moon I check the forums. Came to see this at the very bottom today because I was originally going to look in L4D2 forums for possible people to play with.

Should definitely join; not only will you have fun but will help the server in the process since it's recently new.

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