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Mute shorten

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Your In-Game Name: Elemental

Your Steam ID:  STEAM_1:0:79547757

Mute Reason and Length: Mic-Spam while admins are offline : 1 week

Admin That Muted You: Snowy

Appeal Reason:

 I am not appealing for the reason of having my mute removed (I know what i did was wrong and fully accept the fact that I was muted for it). What I am appealing for is a reduction of the mute. I have been muted for mic-spam in the past https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&advSearch=STEAM_1:0:79547757&advType=steamid&Submit but the longest period of time i was muted for was 2 hours. I do not understand the reason for jumping straight to a week. I thought that when muted multiple times, the length of the mute increased exponentially (ex. 10 mins - 30 mins - 1 hr - 2hr - 1 day) and so on. I do not think that what i was doing was any more severe from what i have been muted for in the past, so the fact that a 2hr mute jumped straight to a 1 week leaves me confused. If you do chose to lessen my mute length, I will take the rules more seriously, and no longer play music unless granted permission to do so.


Thanks for your consideration

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