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Just a story read at your pleasure or dismay.

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Surreal experience.

I've always wondered what people meant by a surreal experience up until a few years ago.

I've never been one to really take back and look at my surroundings in most things in life.

But one night, I got my wish of knowing what it feels like to have one of these experiences

which I tell in this forum whether or not you read it well, that's up to you.
It was sometime in late 2014 I was sitting in the basement of my longtime friend's house 

when it became about one am, for the most part the events of this day were pretty average until we decided to just take a walk at this time one am. He called from the basement I got my shoes on and took my phone and we went out the door, but this time it felt different in a way I couldn't really understand until later recollection of that night. When we walked it was pretty much silent cept' for a few crickets chirping into the cool arizona night. When we reached the middle point of leaving the neighborhood that connected us to the rest of the town we went to a quiet lake and sat down. We stared into the endless night sky and talked for a while, how long exactly I don't clearly remember. One thing I do remember from that night was the eerie feeling I got on our 45 minute walk back to our neighborhood. For most who are on this planet they mostly know the feeling, that feeling of being watched but can't tell from where,
I voiced my concern to my friend and we both started walking a little slower and carefully looked behind us. Sure enough we saw someone or something staring at our backs from a distance, my first instinct was to continue the act of acting aloof of our stalker my friend agreed. So, we kept this act up for maybe 20 minutes or so before we realized it got closer I started to panic a little, we had to come up with a way to elude this person or thing. So we decided to try a different tactic there is a few bends on the roads that make up the neighborhood, so we took full advantage of the advantage of these and decided that upon reaching them gain as much distance as possible from it without the stalker knowing worst comes to worst we book' it and make a break for home. 

The first bend was a minor success gaining good distance, but it seemed to keep up with us and it sure didn't relent in the stalking. 

At this point we were only 25 more minutes away from security of his warm home. We did the same with the next bend but halfway we saw it and it saw us, we ran as fast as we've ever run before and it gained pace quickly going from a dot to a larger figure each second. We ran into the pitch black exercise playground and we made it home without ever knowing if it caught up.
To this day we never really saw what stalked us, nor do we wish to know. 
This left me with a surreal experience.

Decide for yourself if this was real.


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