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Ban Appeal

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Name: GeneralMao1231


Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:63927270 


Banned by: 'TheSadBandit'


Ban reason: 'consistent rdm'


Why you should be unbanned: Something I have done in this game for the past year is sit in the tree and watch people who go in the t room, calling them out passively in chat ie (what does your name mean, mundane stuff) to indicate i know who they are ahead of time, or note in the report if they carried a diamond block into the t room, which today, both occurred. In my reports, I explain that I call them out in chat or I saw them carry a diamond block in. In addition, I always call out TNT if I see a traitor go in the T Room, further showing that I do in fact see someone go in the t room consistently. I do this every round and people who have played with me know I do this and can explain my reasoning. Chat and reports can prove this. However, the admin in charge of the server today decided to ban me, which specifically state either I must leave in order to be banned, which I did not do and was instead banned instantly for 'consistent rdm'. This ban is unwarranted as I was only (to my memory) reported twice by two people I had just cause killing, and I insist neither of these were at all random. I do not believe a consistent rdm ban was at all appropriate either, because to my memory was only reported twice for RDM rather than three times as the rules stipulate.


I am very rarely slain, I respect the rules, and I can always back up why I kill people as it is never random. I believe the reports are not being looked at, i explained what i did in chat, and I was unreasonably banned by an admin who did not even slay me and instead resorted to banning for killing two people, rather than three even though the prior two were by no means RDM. Usually an admin directly messages me if an issue arises to give explanations or what not, but that was not even considered today. I wish I had an opportunity to explain myself, but such a chance was not given to me. I have been on this server for nearly 2 years, have a few hundred hours in gameplay, and respect the duties the admins have.


I have never been banned, but I genuinely believe this ban is incredibly disproportionate and I am adamant that I did not violate any rules as both people I "RDM'd" went into the t room and I justified my reasons behind it. I understand being an admin is time consuming and requires a firm hand, but ban this is extremely out of proportion to both what I was accused of and what I did while I am disappointed that a typically exceptionally well run server decided to take this course of action instead of resolving the issue with me in game where I would have gladly taken a slay even if I disagreed with it. Thank you for your consideration

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