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Yet Another Guide On GFL Garry's Mod Breach

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This is a joke post. Don't take anything I say in these seriously.

Have fun reading! - Box Box

Hey guys! Welcome back to another one of my guides. You may be asking; " What else is there to even talk about? " or, " Just stop this already, these posts arent funny. "


And the truth is: ' No, there is nothing else to talk about. ' 

But if your me,  there still is nothing to talk about.


So,  what ARE we gonna talk about today? The answer is: Xy


When your getting mauled by a 682 while a 106 comes and brings you to the pocket dimension with 2 HP and then realise the corrosion affect is soon going to kill you,  the thing you wanna do most is to scream at Xy for making this horrible, unfair game, and infact if you don't think this your one of those damn 173 scums who camp 914 and then use his power to kill everyone once the gates open. You also once again want to scream at Xy.


Breach is one of a kind, you aren't going to find anything like it. Maybe when it comes to the furry filled Discord server, or the insanely populated server at 4:00 A.M. but 4:01 A.M. it lowers to 15 players.


Maybe also the chances to actually be any class then the fucking Class-D.


Maybe the thought that there will never be shotgun ammo in the game.


And much, much more.

But I guess these are all things you should complain to Xy about. But what is he gonna do?




Because that man... is a devilish man.



No matter what you ask of him, please him. 




He will back off and add another insanely overpowered SCP to the game and deny all your suggestions.


Because thats Xy alright.






btw I heard if you view this post 106 will give you a paper, its very cool

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