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My story..

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April 15, 2005.  8:23 AM "It was a cold and brisk morning of the 15th, the sun was shining through the sides of my tent warming up my chilled body. After a while I began to feel my stomach start to rumble, in need of some source of food. At the time I was all alone in the middle of know where trapped in a desolate forest with only a river for a reliable water source. At the time of arrival my vehicle had suddenly broken down causing this whole ordeal to unfold. My mind raced to find something so small that could sooth my weakening stomach. I then noticed something out of the corner of my eye; a berry bush. At the time I was so caught up with the fact that I wanted something to eat so bad that I didn't pay attention to what kind of berries I was eating. After a few bites I suddenly realized these don't taste right. I looked down at my hand which was full of these sour, burning tasting berries. I then remembered to not eat the berries from what my father told me. After a while I started to see things in the corners of my pupils, little shadows that brushed past the maple trees that surrounded my camp. All of my feeling's to my limbs started to become slightly numb. By the time I ate the berries and the time I started to hallucinate, it was already night time. After 30 minutes trying to stay awake I blacked out..... April 16, 2005 9:30 AM. I woke up on Sunday feeling this sharp pain in my throat it was constricting like a boa constrictor. I could feel my body becoming weightless at the time. I saw a bright light come shining down on my face and making my pupils shrink in size. I heard bells and horns ringing through the forest everything was so bright. Out of no where I was floating, weightless. I could see a golden gate 50 feet from me open with clouds on the other side, when out of no where a man stepped out of the ripples of the sun and took my hand ever so lightly.........



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