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Banned for Ghosting

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Posted  Edited by Zer0

Name: Zero


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62903596


Banned by: Tlar


Ban reason: Ghosting


Why you should be unbanned: I think this is more of a misread from Tlar than it was anyone actually ghosting. I was on the TTT server, mid round, and I found a knife and picked it up, gave it to a proven innocent, then found a silenced pistol and picked it up. After that people started thinking I was a traitor (since I normally make it obvious when I'm a traitor) and so I decided to go to the tester. When I got into the tester there was 2 people who were next to the tester, one was someone I don't know,  because they had a normal skin on (Let's call him the innocent). The other one I knew was Mantono because of his skin (Let's call him the traitor), and the traitor stabbed the innocent who was about the test me and then the traitor attempted to drop me but either missed or its because someone opened the tester door to let me out, I'm not sure which one happened because they both happened at like the same time. After that I said "Uhhhh Mantono!" in voice chat (As I was jumping out the traitor testing window out of panic), but I couldn't KOS because it'd be off skin (which isn't allowed) and I haven't seen his name from when I get out of the tester. So I walked back into the tester room and saw him in the middle of dropping down to the bottom of tester. And there was also 2 un id'd bodies in the top of traitor tester, so I went to ID one of them, and then found a Jihad next to them. So being my dumb ass, I decided to kill myself with the jihad, cause why not? So I jumped out the traitor tester window again and then down to the water and blow only myself up. Then immediately after that Tlar banned me. I wasn't trying to ghost or was it intended.

Again, that's why I said I think it was a misread from Tlar. I don't hate him nor do I hold any grudge. I just want to be unbanned along with Mantono. But If I don't get unbanned, I at least want Mantono to. He doesn't know how to make a ban appeal and he's now mad at me for getting us banned.

He didn't do anything. 

And apparently if I find anyone on the server while they are a traitorous act, (say I saw them from long distance with a sniper) and then I walk away without doing anything, I get me and an innocent person banned for just playing the game, doesn't sound very fair does it? Just trying to give an example, I know this isn't what happened, but it fits the situation.

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