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I've started this game recently and read blackkat's thread for a beginner, having recently pulled SR-3MP I want her to be on my main team, he/she said that being an AR disguised as an SMG she'd need a specific team set to make her the MVP.

Back then he mentionned OTs-14 and MDR being her best teamates but as they weren't out yet he called sopmod and others.

Now that I start, I'm right in the middle of the Cube event with Ots-14 as the last reward.

Is there any way I can get her?

Can I do it with 2* dummy linked team? (Assuming I manage to lvl them up in time, he/she recommends using a 2* built team to clear story and farm early on)

If I don't get her, is she lost forever?


Thanks for reading >< 

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