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Magic Protect the PRINCESS

Princess' zombie songs new

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New songs incoming for the zombie audience Kappa


based on 

Lyrics :  if i am a zombie a fucking zombie,

               i will just push and fuck,

               if you are a human a pussy human pls do not doorhuugggg,


               no vaseline no vaseline no vaseline no vaseline no vaseline no vaseline awwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeee we don t vaseline aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we don t use vaseline



Second song

Title : The sound of DOORHUGGING

Based on 

 Lyrics : hello door my old friend,

               i have come to hug you again,

               because i find very funnyyy run from point a to b,

               and the princesssssss she will never understand,

               no she can't,

               because i love doorhugging...

               and when i see another door,

               i would like to hug them all,

               i know i might look a bit pussyyy,

               pls don't fucking judge me,

               defenders are there to save my life,

               my shitty life,

               because i love doorhugging


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Hey princess, when using the possessive form of singular nouns such as "Princess" (classified as a noun as it is a person place or thing) you put the apostrophe before the s - Princess's. Putting the apostrophe after the s is only correct for plural possessive nouns - such as the brotherhoods' (with the exception of certain words like what (what's) and it (It's). Cheers!

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