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Permanently gagged Meatrub

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Steam ID:



Banned by:



Ban reason:

Unimaginable Mic spam (mutiple other offences)


Why you should be unbanned:

 I was extremly loud for over a course of atleast 5 minutes before any of the admins came on the TTT server to deal with me and I understand for fact that it was wrong and I should of not done it in the first place and for others playing it be can really unjoyable to play the game on that server and then everybody  thinks then it is a comeplete shitshow server because the problem was not dealt with-in time and lastly I just wanted to say on my permanent gag it didn't even go the into hours so please all I ask is this to be removed from in-game and It wont happen again


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Posted  Edited by TheClassyBandit

Actually I got some insight into this. And no, it wasn't five minutes as I was getting complaints about the mic spam (name and steamID were mentioned) well before I got on that night. And even though I gagged about nine people before I gagged you, you continued to be the most obnoxious person you could be. Playing audio that was physically painful to listen too.


On a side note. I banned you for consistent RDM. Not TheSadBandit banning you for micspam. 


Also, this ban is expired already, somebody lock this.


Edited by TheClassyBandit

Ex TTT 24/7 Minecraft Admin.

Is Pretty Classy Too.



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