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Appeal for Permanent ungag

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Steam ID:



Banned by: (Permanently gagged)



Ban reason:

Mic spam


Why you should be unbanned:

When I was playing TTT I had to kill someone because that person was shooting at someone first then the guy right next to me killed me because he thought I was trying to RDM AND I couldn't tell him OTHERWISE why I did so. Many other things happened when I continued to play on the TTT server like players going into T rooms or use of T weapons without being proven or me just getting killed and my Mic disabled to call help for it . I couldn't really enjoy the game as I couldn't use communications to do call outs. Today I ask if I can see if I can get a Probation (or how ever you like to do so) to get me ungagged and I can really enjoy the game once again without me being so Cancerous or Toxic by  any means possible to play your TTT Server with my Mic rights back. By the way If you want any creditable people to back me up ask Pancake Jenkins and Titanic_13 


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If I have to perm gag you again don't try to appeal. You were told what would happen if you continued, this is your last warning. If you're on before I'm on, and there's another admin, show an admin this appeal and get them to ungag you.


Appeal Accepted

Ex TTT 24/7 Minecraft Admin.

Is Pretty Classy Too.



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