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Some Knowledge, a Lovecraftian Locket, and Cthulhu.

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Been holding off on my SCP suggestions until Xy got back :P



Ability - Nothing

Passive - When someone enters the designated area they get one of these effects

-MTF ONLY: Turns into C.I [Learning too much about the foundation]

-Knowing what SCPs are alive [Learning what breached]

-Knowing who the C.I are [Learning the C.I members]

-Regeneration [Learning how to focus body strength and work]

-Death [To Much Information]

-Increased Speed [Learning the perfect running stance for increased speed]

-No Fall Damage [Learning how to redirect impact pressure]

-Permanent Night Vision [Learning how to see in the dark better]

-Becoming hostile to a random teammate [Learning something bad about them]

-Being able to activate the nuke [Learning the access code/how to enable it]

[Players don't take damage the first time but each time they go in after the first time they take 25 damage]

Location - Spawns in a random spot, Literally anywhere.

Model - None, it's invisible, its a big invisible force around an area that teaches people shit, sometimes too much to the point where a MTF will turn on the foundation or someone will take their own life from too much knowledge.



Lovecraftian Locket

Ability - Open/Close the locket [Enable and Disable]

Passive - It as 3 passives

1: When opened it heals you and nearby players, even SCPs, about 10 HP every second.

2: Increased HP when opened and Increased speed

3: When exposed to it for 30 seconds, players turn into SCP-427-1 [Except SCPs cannot be turned]

Spawn - Put SCP 500 in 914 on Fine or Very Fine

Model - Can't find a model that looks like it, you don't really need a model because when 914 opens you can't really see the items sometimes since they kinda sink into the floor, and when it comes to items on the ground, people don't really pay attention and just walk over them.


Flesh Beast

Health - 250

Attack - 10-20

Ability - Right Click heals for 50 HP [15 second Cooldown]

Passive - Bullets and Crowbars do no damage

Stunsticks and Flamethrowers do damage

Spawn - Where the player that turns into it is.

Relationships Friendly: SCPs | Hostile: Humans/Foundation | Neutral: None

Model Octopus Playermodel, if you can find something better please let me know.




Health - 1000

Attack - Uses items

Ability - Has the ability to convert players to his side, 50% chance of working

Passive - Every 3 minutes 2-3 players will join SCP-2662's side [Cthulhu Followers]

Note: Cthulhu followers are technically now under SCP team like the Serps

Spawn - With class D

Relationships Friendly: Humans/Foundation/Cthulhu Followers | Hostile: SCPs | Neutral: None

Model - Surprisingly there is no Cthulhu playermodel on the steam workshop, if you can find one please tell me because i've been looking for one.

Note: One of my favorite SCPs because of how funny it is

<22:59> The injured civilians are seen squeezing blood out of their wounds and rubbing it onto SCP-2662 while singing. SCP-2662: "Jesus Christ! Stop! Please! I just took a shower!"

Hes basically just a really friendly Cthulhu, that hates the fact that people keep trying to create religions around him.

[Heres one of my favorite Incidents]


<8:22> SCP-2662 is seen eating breakfast and reading a newspaper.

<8:24> Security officers stationed at SCP-2662's containment unit enter with a researcher. The researcher can be seen carrying a piglet.

<8:25> SCP-2662: "Can I help you?"

<8:26> Researcher ████: "Oh our lord, please accept this innocent suckling swine, freshly orphaned from slaughter of both mother and father! May its soul of loss fuel you!"Researcher ████ proceeds to castrate the piglet in front of SCP-2662 and place the testes on SCP-2662's food.

<8:28> SCP-2662:"Uhm… No thanks. I'm full. Go home. Your, uh, lord is pleased with the offering." Task Force Tau-9 is notified of a breach into containment.

<8:29> SCP-2662 attempts to read its newspaper. Researcher ████ slits the piglet's neck and throws it onto the table. Blood splatters the newspaper.

<8:30> SCP-2662: "I- what? Look, can you go read a bible or something? You really, really need it." SCP-2662 puts the newspaper down. The accompanying security officers execute Researcher ████ via gunshot to the head. They then begin consuming her.

<8:32> SCP-2662 leaves the scene to vomit in a toilet.

<8:34> Task Force Tau-9 arrive to move SCP-2662 to a temporary containment unit and detain the guards.


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1 minute ago, Cpt.Haxray said:

scp-427 is begging for griefing due to it affecting everyone around you.


Could make it only affect the user but that's not fun.




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