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*Insert Username Here*'s Ban Appel

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Name: *Insert Username Here*


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103369843


Banned By: WigglesWorth


Banned reason: Hacking


Why you should be unbanned: In January (The time I was banned), my computer was glitchy at the time and while on the TTT server,  My player moves around where he looks and I've been testing my mouse by going on my sandbox and see why it was happening. When I join other servers, the player doesn't look around by itself and I don't detect any hacks and I was wondering if I can be unbanned for that

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Oof, back when i was a Trial-boi.

I remember banning you, but it wasn't for any sort of spinning, just a full on wall and aim hack. This was actually my first hack ban on TTT, so congrats lmao.

You were on top of the lighthouse flicking to several people, as i had made a workshop content shit thing when trying to present proof, even though you never appealed it before.


I feel like you've taken enough time to think about it to whether you were truly hacking or not, should know better by this time.

Disclaimer: all admins will be told to watch you closely for the previous ban record.


Appeal: Accepted! See you on the server.







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