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Hey all, it's me Ethan, but you probably know me as Psquaw.


   I got admin on HnS back in October of last year and it was truly special for me to be a bigger part of the server I love. I worked my way up until I eventually got to be senior admin, which was probably the height of my time at GFL. After a while, the previous manager, mbs, resigned, leaving the position in a sort of limbo for a couple weeks. After a bunch of stuff I don't remember I was given the position of manager, and it has been a privilege to have. In that time there's certainly been some ups and downs, but in the end my goal was to make the server a fun and welcoming place for people to play on. Also I was admin on cwrp for a few days.

   Through GFL I have met some of my best friends (who will be listed at the end of this post), which is what has always kept me playing on the server. Back when I first became admin, it truly felt like a team. I remember when we all used to hang out in discord, and play a bunch of games together. That's what I'm gonna take away from this whole experience. Hanging out with you guys is some of the most fun I've had.

  As to why I've chosen to resign, to be honest, I just have too much going on. I have a job, school's about to start, I'm about to start driving, etc etc. I just can't handle that much pressure on me all at once. I hope yall can understand where I'm coming from. 

  One final note before I start shouting everyone out. I'm sorry if it ever seemed like I was ignoring you or doing nothing for long periods of time. I feel like I should have said sooner than this post that I have really really severe social anxiety, so talking to people about things isn't really my strong suit. That's also why a lot of people got second or third chances, I just hate upsetting people. I've been trying to work on my anxiety, so I just wanted to apologize to anyone who took anything the wrong way.


Now onto THE MEAT


These are some people who really made an impression on me in my time with GFL


@Logic301 boi you are my best friend that I've made in GFL, come back

@You should kill yourself i also one of my best friends I've made in GFL, thanks for being there for me to talk to

@mbs quite the cool dude. we should play bedwars again sometime

@littleshake If it wasn't for you, I probably would've quit a long time ago. Thanks for believing in me 

@IDKEMBER another one of my best friends in GFL. We gotta play rocket league again

@Zebra @ButterKing5000 and @Xy thank you guys for all the help with how to do stuff with the server

@Mistarpotato if it wasn't for your little scheme I wouldn't have seen what I was doing wrong, so in the end you did help the server

@Jat another one of my best friends in GFL. I'm glad you're back on the admin team for HnS

@Zexired Imo the best admin on the team (no offense everyone else) hope to play with you again 

@Harakoni yugoslavia

@Clueless C. Still one of the best admins. I hope you are r e f o r m e d now.

@Fafy really dude thank you so much for all you've done to help the server

@Diablodoggy28 even before you got promoted you were a huge help to the server, thanks

@MB101 @Impaled @Eucalyptus @DOOMSlayer_ @Marshmello @oat @SamuelG. @shelby and whoever else I'm forgetting I miss hanging out with you guys in discord. That shit was the best.

@sciguy429 sorry we always messed with you. You're a good guy and I hope to see you again

@cancerous_cunt gay

@TheSushiColony still a good noodle

@FrankAL far and away one of the best admins on the team.  Remind fafy to give that luffy pm to whoever comes after me.

@Musical my boi you have the most sexi voice in all the land. Sorry we never got to test maps together. You deserve to be promoted.                                                                                                                        It won't let me @ anyone else or press enter to make a new line so to the rest of the HnS staff team you all were great, and I'll really miss you guys. I will still hop on from time to time, so don't worry about that. And to the cwrp staff I might come back to that server someday soon. To end this off I just want to say thank you to everyone in this amazing community for giving me this amazing opportunity. I won't forget you guys.                                                                                                                                                                                               tenor.gif.a7ea19f00db3ffd040725fa8aac57db8.gif                                                     

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- Former HNS Manager

- Former CWRP admin



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Yay, Psquaw's gone now stuff can get done!
Jokes aside, i'll probably miss you mate, I actually enjoyed serving under you, even if i was a nagging hag who pestered you every other day. Just remember the good times, it'll be better than remembering me for "@PsquawOsaurus add maps k thx"
(Also nice silent endorsement, I support your decision)
Just don't disappear forever like mbs did, stick around for a while, who knows, maybe you'll have a change of heart.

22 minutes ago, PsquawOsaurus said:

@Harakoni yugoslavia

y           e                s

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:) I left for the same reason. School and work is much more important than GFL.


Keep up the good mindset, and i wish you luck in whatever you do my friend.

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4 minutes ago, King_Wailord said:

You didn’t tag your Jedi buddy :( it’s alright though. Good luck at school 


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Posted  Edited by Musical

Holy smokes man! 


Psquaw, you were one of the chillest, coolest and best GFL staff that I have ever met. It truly has been an amazing pleasure getting to know you and playing a long side with you. It is really sad to see that you are heading out as I am becoming more active on this community... You were very friendly to me and always assisted my whenever I needed anything. I really am going to miss you and I hope that we can still talk through steam chat or play together in Hide & Seek. You always found a way to make me happy whenever I played with you.  I personally don't remember hearing your voice in game at all, so I can't say anything good or bad about your voice. But I can say that I believe that you have a smexilicous voice as-well. You honestly have done the complete opposite of upsetting me... You made me happy and are such an amazing friend! 


I'm really good to miss you, especially with the fact that I won't be able to work alongside with you as a staff member to assist this community to it's full potential. It truly has been a blessing playing with you and meeting you and I hope you the best with your future plans.  



P.S,  Why do you have something against PoolParty? It's an amazing map that needs to be added in... 

Also, don't forget to phone me... My number is 911. :)



Sorry to see you leave this soon man! 

Best wishes, 


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Posted  Edited by IDKEMBER

:'( CRI LIEK EVRYTIEM. With all the memes ahead you were one of my favorite gfl people you were honestly great sad to see you go

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Ember Was Here


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Posted  Edited by cancerous_cunt

Nice, the last words I get from @PsquawOsaurus are "gay"....

This is truly beautiful :( <3

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I respect your decision. I could tell that you were getting a bit worn out as manager. You were always so calm and cool when people wouldn't stop telling you to do your job or wouldn't stop annoying you about other things. (Including me)


There were some good times and some not so good times, but in the end, thanks for being a great part of the staff team and a great friend.


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Didn't expect to see this when I woke up this morning bloody hell. It was a good run; good luck with your driving, school and all future endeavors. Hope to see you around the server some time.

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@PsquawOsaurus I hope to see you on the server from time to time because you are one of the most chill players on the server even while you were dealing with anxiety and the stress of being manager... just don’t change who you are and don’t leave us all forever, cause I really hope to play with you again and maybe in the future see you come back for admin when your life is less busy and stressful.


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