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In the great words of AverageDrink

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Posted  Edited by shelby - Edit Reason: i need to fix stuff

Great words by our amazing Technical Administrator, @AverageDrink.


"I will wait for your children to be born, and I will drop kick them. They will all become hummus."
-AverageDrink 2018.


"I will blow your house up with hummus."

-AverageDrink 2018


"Stop being a Jew! I hate Jews!"

-AverageDrink 2018


"Are you the reincarnation of Hitler?"
"No, I'm the reincarnation of Osama."

-AverageDrink 2018


If you have any more, please share them.

Edited by shelby
i need to fix stuff






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19 minutes ago, Ben Roy said:

If that's the case, then @Xy, @Darkling, and @Pyros are in trouble for breaking that rule

@PyrosAlt and @Pyros2ndAlt will never die k. @Tommy and @NotAnAlt are also safe.





@Ash-'s opinion on gmod: 






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