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Business Trip From September 17th - 22nd

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2 hours ago, Roy said:

I should be fine excluding when I go out with my co-workers.

@Roy I need you to let loose mang and have a blast when you go out and remember forget about all the troubles at home also if you have any form of mobile device on you I would also advice you to log out of every social media platform that includes steam and discord bucko and just enjoy the stuff around you I'll never forget the day dano said how did you become happy and like not cancer the only thing that changed in my life when he asked that is the fact that I moved to a party area and well went out a shit ton more so remember enjoy yourself don't even think about gfl and have a blast.

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Thank you everybody!


Unfortunately, some of the big changes with my job were implemented earlier than expected (today). Therefore, a lot more work will need to be done and I may be working after my shift ends (some days, depending on the situation, etc.). I do believe I will be taking a break and my activity will be generally decreasing for the next few weeks or so (however long this system stays in place).


I apologize for all of this happening and not being able to put as much time into GFL. Things have been a bit crazy for the last couple months but they're only getting more crazier with work. I will try my best to work on GFL during the weekend (you can see progress I make in the projects database).


Thank you again for understanding.

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That's perfectly fine.

Sometimes things happen, and you can't really see them coming.

Focus on your work/job first, I'm pretty sure GFL will be fine (hopefully).

And make sure to not overwork yourself.



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