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Moo Im A Goat

Karma Ban Appeal Moo Im A Goat.

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Name: Moo Im A Goat


Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:87563674


Banned by: console


Ban reason:karma to low


Why you should be unbanned


Person 1 - KOS person 2

Person 2 - No Kos person 1 Im inno

Goat - kills person 2 cuz person 1 kos first and sounds more legit

Person 2 is inno

Goat - Kills person 1 for false kos

Person 1 Is inno

Goat- You have been karma banned


@MilkMan @ButterKing5000 @violater

unbann plz. Admin was on before this round and rest of inno kills were also jsutified

just wasnt paying attention to karma

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