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Exposing "so called" Poor Wilfrod brimleyy

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Welcome back everybody i am your host FUCKKKKBOIIIIII FREEKSTAR, lets get right into the juicy noose.

So we are going back at our old friend Wilford brimleyy or John as what our team has uncovered. Not only has he lied to his parents and bought extremely expensive knives from his parents credit cards. No one in GFL has parents they are congealed from gutters and are forced into society by the higher up known as God or Dano. But some evidence has been uncovered that was told to us straight from the source. Exposing Wilford Brimley.png .

@Hatty You made an excellent case and i respect that, but i am not who you made me out to be. I am a friend, someone who cares..... now give me council.

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