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Accidentally RDMed some kid, and he freaked out. Admin ended up banning me for 24 hours instead of slaying

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Name: Harambe's Shot-Off Dick


Steam ID: 



Banned by: WholeMilk


Ban reason: 'Consistent RDM'


Why you should be unbanned: I've been playing and I haven't RDMed anyone on purpose or anything. I was chasing this T around the corner after I saw him kill someone, but after I turned, I saw some guy named 'sypher' who was detective, and I killed him on impulse thinking he was that T (I don't know how it happened that the T disappeared but sypher was standing there). Needless to say, the sypher kid freaked out and started complaining to the admin that I am mass rdming every round. Before I could finish answering the report he set on me, I got banned for an entire day. Admin didn't even hear me out or give me a slay or anything. This is honestly the only server I play on Gmod and I hope I get unbanned.

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