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Insurgency Event

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If I was to coordinate an insurgency event with a couple of other people, who would be willing to participate in the event? As of currently we don't really have a huge roadmap of what the event would be like other than just being a team based event where the winning team gets the prize (more below ), it would probably be best of 3 or more but I I think an Insurgency event would be of great help to populate the server more (other than the current bots ;) ) and it would be fun for the community to come together to play a game that many haven't dabbled in while we all have fun!


Please let me know if you would be interested in such an event as well as any suggestion for the event :)


Currently the prize is going to be an Insurgent sided hentai shirt ;) (thank @Harakoni)


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I'm lowkey a weeb...





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I'd love to get Involved with an event, as for what it would be, Co-Op missions are available with max level bots as a communal "checkpoint" gamemode event, or a simple Push game of attack and defense 

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