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Hello There :)

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Hello, my name is Monkey! I used to play on some of the csgo servers like last year sometime, but I ended up shying away, as life got busy and things happened! I'm currently a full time college student (senior year with a double major in child and family development and criminal justice with a minor in sociology), a part time employee, and currently doing about 20 hours a week for my internship! I stay pretty busy but in my free time I really enjoying playing games, going downtown for some drinks, and going to football games. I really enjoy ttt (both gmod and csgo), as well as 1v1, surf, and bhop. I hope to meet some new people and see you all around on the servers sometime! Happy Thursday, and I hope you all have a great day :)

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The above replies basically sum up the two faces of GFL



Aspiring OWL Player

Official Fat Cunt of GFL


  • Former GFL Council Member
  • Former Deathrun Server Manager
  • Former Murder Server Manager (2x)
  • Former Forum/Discord/TS Moderator
  • Former Member Acceptor
  • Former Prop Hunt Admin
  • Former Breach Admin
  • Former Ragdoll Combat Admin
  • Former Hide and Seek Admin



















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Posted  Edited by Astral Rogue

Nice to meet you, and yes, it does sound like quite the busy life.

Hopefully you'll do well though, and hope you have a great day as well. 


(I'll warn you that GFL can be rampant with cancer though.)

Edited by Astral Rogue


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