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Banned for RDM and Leave Mk.2

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Posted  Edited by Durandax

Name: Durand


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:51082826


Banned by: Not Stated


Ban reason: RDM and leave


Why you should be unbanned: So uh, 2 things. When I try to join it does not tell me a duration, and secondly, I don't remember committing RDM and leave, especially since i was AFK for a couple rounds before i left, so any auto-slay would have gone through. 
The only thing I remember i could have gotten tagged for an Auto-slay was when i killed a guy who walked into a smoked t-tester room with 2 other guys, and after multiple shotgun blasts came out alone, almost dead and was holding a shotgun, and when looking in chat said nothing about KOS or Sus, and had not identified anybodies, so i just assumed he was a T, which in the rules is allowed as using logic to deduce if somebody is a T.

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um no, you were reported and when i went to slay you (because it took you more than 1 round to "reply"), it showed me your steamid, so you left with an open report that said "wtf rdm" so i slayed for rdm and banned for rdm and leave. Next time it would be best to not leave after someone reports you.

Former Gmod Prop Hunt Admin

Former Media Team Team Leader

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