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Resigning from Server Admin

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Posted  Edited by Skits

Hello All! As some of you may know, I was chosen to be the new GMod Deathrun Manager. And with school, managing my server, and other personal things I will NOT have enough time to play on Imperial RP. I still love the server and will try to hop on maybe occasionally. Now for ping list :whatareyou:


@RickGrimesTM: Great Mange amd friend!

@King_Wailord: I ain’t got nothin to say to you but be friends loł

@Glenn_: Good admin and cool guy on the server. Good luck on DT commanding officer

@Worgee: Great guy great commander 

@Eden: Great Gamemaser and great events

@gaylord: (what’s his forum name) Great admin all in all and good friend

@MrNoobyNoob: Great gamemaster, did events when no one else wanted to. 


Thats all I have time for now if you want a ping just say somethin

Edited by Skits

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thats my boy


if you ever need help with deathrun just hmu :thumbsup:



Aspiring OWL Player

Official Fat Cunt of GFL


  • Former GFL Council Member
  • Former Deathrun Server Manager
  • Former Murder Server Manager (2x)
  • Former Forum/Discord/TS Moderator
  • Former Member Acceptor
  • Former Prop Hunt Admin
  • Former Breach Admin
  • Former Ragdoll Combat Admin
  • Former Hide and Seek Admin



















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Posted  Edited by Z1galord - Edit Reason: Admin instead of admins. Ain't no fucking plural here

Inb4 Skittles realizes that he can't resign from admin because he's admin on DR :lenny: 

Edited by Z1galord
Admin instead of admins. Ain't no fucking plural here


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