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Ban Appeal

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Name: JλCOB


Steam ID: 76561198407812369


Banned by: Server


Ban reason: Low Karma


Why you should be unbanned: About 2 rounds prior I killed 3 innocents, 1 of them were T-bating and one started shooting at me. (I was detective). The other one threw an incendiary on top of tower while I was on top and then jumped off. I believe along with the karma I had around that time, which was about 950, lowered a lot, and then the next round I DID RDM, and I got kicked for low karma before I could have gotten slain.

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Since it's your first karma ban, I'll unban you. Next time, be sure to make player reports on anyone who breaks the rules instead of taking matters into your own hands and getting yourself banned ;)


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thanks you to @Aura



~~~made by @King_Wailord~~~


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