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Long Live Traize Kushrenad

Muted 2 years ago, looking to speak again!

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For Mutes:

Your In-Game Name: LONG LIVE TRAIZE KUSHRENADA ( I got muted under Using Xbox 360 Controller)

Your Steam ID: steamID STEAM_0:0:15592540 

Mute Reason and Length:     I got muted for lyrics which involved the N word and length must have been perm. 

Admin That Muted You: Can't remember, been 2 years.

Appeal Reason: Recently logged back on but realized I was still muted and can't even RTV. Hoping to get back into the server!


I forgot my username n pass to my other account I made on this forum so I had to make a new account, sorry it's been years. 

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Since GFL wiped the Sourcebans record recently, all I can see for your account is that it is perma silenced.

However, I remember you and your previous appeals when you were still active. 


I see now you have a new account on this forum. 

Old/Original account


Your Sourcebans


I went back in the forums towards the beginning and found multiple appeals made by your original account. I remember why you were Permanently silenced and here were some of the reasons why:


-Constantly bringing up racist ideals (ie Kicking those of the Islamic faith out of America, etc) 

-Starting unnecessary arguments of some kind about American politics in a gaming server 


One of your appeals


And the other one that was hidden


I'm gonna be honest, I don't know if it is a good idea to completely unsilence you due to your past behaviors. 

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Yea i'm not here to deny anything, those were all me. That's why I tried my best above to not hide any information, I just forgot my username and login for gflclan.com. I'm just saying at this point no one even knows who muted me and pretty much every admin involved in the other appeals is no longer around. I mean it's been over 2 years!





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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you for waiting.



the admin team has come to the conclusion that your appeal will be



Interacting with you on our Discord further proved our worries regarding your attitude towards others, especially those who have significantly different ideals from yours. 


You may continue to use our Discord

but you will still be permanently silenced on the CSGO ZE Server.


You may reapply for an appeal

ONE MONTH from October 12th, 2018


If you have any questions or concerns,

please contact any of the CSGO ZE Admin team.

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