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Murder MOTD

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Posted  Edited by TheThirdReaper - Edit Reason: Added Homophobia, Harassment, and Doxxing

Welcome to GFLclan.com's Murder Server!

How To Play:

Bystanders must find and shoot the murderer in order to win.

The murderer must kill all the Bystanders to win.


Server Rules (Do Not):

Ghosting - Giving away other players locations, or telling your name/color/role to a friend.

Teaming - Not firing at the murderer when you have the gun, or not attempting to kill the gunman when you are the murderer.

Impersonating an admin/other players - Changing your name to another player (or admins) name.

Racism/Homophobia - Being racist or homophobic in text chat or over the mic.

Harassment - Repeated threatening, intimidating, or insulting other players.

Doxxing - Giving out private or identifying information about (a particular individual), typically with malicious intent.

Mic Spamming - Playing/making loud or annoying sounds through your mic.

Chat Spam - Excessively sending messages in chat.

Voice Changers - Changing the sound of your voice with software on your computer.

Bhop scripts - Using an automatic script/software on your computer to Bhop. You may only bhop on your own using spacebar.

Inappropriate Sprays - Posting pornographic, erotic, or gory content.

Advertising - Advertising any non-GFL server(s).

Camping - Camping an area or the gun for more than a minute is not allowed.

Mics with background noises/static sounds may be restricted.

Illegal spots - Glitching or exploiting to get outside to spots no one can get to normally.

Prop Surfing - Using a prop to fly (like the companion doll on gm_construct)

English Only Server.



@   - Type this before your message to speak directly with an admin.

!motd - Opens this MOTD page.

!member - Opens the member registration page.

!donate - Opens the donation page.

!showadmins - Lists all online admins.

!id <NAME> - Copy's a players steamID (Used for player reports).

!selfblock <NAME> - Blocks all communication between you and the blocked player.

!seflunblock <NAME> - Unblocks all communication between you and the blocked player.


If you would like to contact an admin, the admin list can be found Here.

If you would like to access the changelog, it can be found Here.

If you would like to access the Ban/Mute/Gag times, it can be found Here.

Edited by TheThirdReaper
Added Homophobia, Harassment, and Doxxing

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