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[CS:S ZE] Public Changelog

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11/16/2017 (16/11/2017)


- Reverted many weapon settings back to normal, but we kept clip sizes for the most part


- Removed no-recoil from weapons that had it


- Brought back weapon re-buys at a more expensive rate

 -> Approximately 2x the previous cost

- Added $$ for shooting zombies system:
 -> This will help to off-set the more expensive re-buys and encourage defending. 
 -> You get money for damage dealt by your weapon. This may need balancing so keep an      eye out.

- AFK plugin now only kicks actual AFK's and spectators

- Anti-hack plugin is being looked at to avoid false-positives but also allow us to actively keep cheaters off the server

- Players are now immediately spawned in when they join a team.
 -> This helps to avoid low population rounds on map change, confusion regarding how to join a team for new players, and you can still freely go to spectate.



11/17/2017 (17/11/2017)

- Fail Nade Fridays Implemented:
 -> They will start at 6:00 a.m. GMT (12 a.m. GMT-6) every Friday and end after 24 hours. 
 -> There is a message notifying players when they join the server and the server name also changes to reflect the inclusion of Fail Nades
 -> 'Fun' maps will have very high knock-back and all others will have medium knock-back (in relation to everyday knockback).
 -> This will not interfere with Saturday events. 
 -> There may be spontaneous twists and turns added by admins in the server impromptu, or sometimes we may plan something ahead of time. 
 -> We will also have an extended nomination list during these 24 hours that will allow you to nominate just about every map that isn't too long, completely broken, or requires constant admin supervision. 
 -> This is a time to have fun and spice things up, but it does not mean that the server rules can be broken. We will be more lenient regarding 'accidents' but being a nuisance on the server repeatedly will still reward you with a ban.

- Vanya has joined the "Head Admin" team. 
 -> He was already handling most of our discord, Steam group, and forum event matters so this was a well deserved promotion (and a mere formality imo).
 -> Reasoning for the promotion: Metroid has inexplicably gone MIA, xen is mostly busy with school, and botox is also busy, so myself and dogan cannot handle all the changes and the future of the community alone. There are obviously also others working behind the scenes on the technical matters (Obus, SoftServe, Noctali, Moltard, etc.) which are integral to the team, and in general we are working on better communication and transparency. A few people need to lay out the vision for the community though and Vanya will be an asset in that regard.


11/19/2017 (19/11/2017)


- Added sniper rifles to all 'fun' maps. 
 -> You can now use basically any weapon in a lot of maps and they should be more balanced. We can probably still improve the tuning (especially on the auto's), so let us know.
 -> No, the scout does not have the movement speed bonus, but it does have no movement penalty while scoped and 3x the ammo found on the AWP.

- Maps now have a shorter mp_time limit and initial time_limit in general
 - >We are tweaking the system to find the right balance of time distribution via base time and extends

- Overall map cool-downs have been increased by a little bit
 -> This is to encourage map diversity and allow everyone to have a chance at playing 'their' map.

- Similar name maps share a short cool-down
 -> This is to prevent the ability to chain maps that are extremely similar in theme or play-style.

- During the weekdays, maps will have a firm 90 minute MAXIMUM mp_timelimit. 
 -> This is to prevent us from over-playing longer/harder maps. The goal is not to take away fun or the ability to win maps from the more 'hardcore' audience. It is to give more time in the day for more maps to be played. If we can cater to a larger audience, we can thus have more players in all maps (including the hard ones).
 -> You can still get your fair share of try-hard with no 'extend maximum' on the weekends.

- We are in the process of re-balancing the rank system in preparation for a lot of exciting changes and new features. For now, we have added a tier system and encouraged people to play as zombie.
 -> Tiers: (Each one gives more points proportional to the amount of maps in the category)
  -> Easy > Maps that we typically fool around on and are won nearly every round
  -> Normal > Your average map that can be won frequently if players decide to do so
  -> Hard > Maps that require a certain degree of teamwork and coordination. These are won a couple times a week or month.
  -> Extreme > Maps that require a lot of coordination, 'good' players, and lots of teamwork. These maps are typically only won on events or very rarely.
 -> Zombies also now get more points for participating when zombies win the round
 -> We are keeping the player kill points, streaks, rank difference bonuses, etc. for now
 -> We are working on a method to discourage point loss dodging by going to spectate. This popular tactic would be counter-intuitive with the upcoming new rewards and system and it leaves less zombies on the map. We want everyone to enjoying playing as Human AND Zombie and for it to be rewarding to do so!
 -> Any suggestions are welcome. The goal is to make game-play on most maps more proportionally rewarding and with the new incoming reward system, give players an incentive to play and work towards something.

- The !stopmusic extension of the !stopsound plugin has been removed. It was causing issues for many players and is an unnecessary QoL feature that spoils us
 -> Go into the music options and lower the music volume or just deal with the map sounds.




- Renewed the Admin Team.
 -> Removed Inactive Admins, who haven't played at all the past months. 
 -> Added 7 New Admins: 
  -> Chewie2k
  -> Dashe
  -> j0ueurnul
  -> Luigi
  -> U-dee-chee
  -> Zegawa

- Changing the rank system
 -> Going to Spec (!spec) as Human costs you 5 points now. This can only happen after Mother Zombies spawn (means you can still !spec and !zspawn at spawn on Mako :)). This was mentioned in the last post, but I just wanted to point out it's added now. 
 -> Other projects relating the rank are in process. 

- Global Server Settings changes
 -> Decreased the general knockback a little. We hope this is more balanced and it's more attractive to play as a Zombie. 
 -> Added the Masterchief Skin back! Type !zclass if you want to use it. 
 -> Added !votedisable. This is a new command which will disable TorchTV till the end of the current map. Everyone can type it and it needs 5 people to do so. Also when TorchTV is disabled, the !cc command is disabled too.


- Added New Mode "Throwing Knives vs Freezenades" to Classic Maps 

 -> The principle is very simple:

  -> Humans have one freezenade they can throw at zombies, which will obviously freeze them for a short duration

  -> Zombies have knives they can throw against humans. The throwing knives work like this:

   -> Use your right knife to throw a knife
   -> The maximum amount of knives you can carry is 5. Each knife deals 10 damage
   -> Motherzombies start with 3 knives, all other zombies (when you die or !zspawn) with 0
   -> You receive one throwing knife each 45 seconds


01/12/2018 (12/01/2018)


- Ongoing change of the rank system
 -> Now you get points simply by staying on the server
 -> Also you get points by constantly dealing damage to zombies
 -> And the Top 3 Defenders also get points at the end of the round for their effort
 -> We are almost done with the new rank! There are few things left we are still working on. The idea is to reset the rank after everything is done. We have more plans about rewards/resets with the rank! Stay tuned for more information soon!


- Sounds/TorchTV
 -> We removed the access of sm_play from admins. We think it got used too many times and unlikely TorchTV, sm_play doens't have a cooldown. This was annoying and we hope it's better now.

 - We increased the immunity of !votedisable meaning admins can't use or enable TorchTV once votedisabled. We had situations, where admins kept playing TorchTV or enabled it, when it was votedisabled. This was not fair for regular players who voted to disable it. 

- Admin appearance on the server
 -> We realized some players are regularly distracted and disturbed by admins using their powers for fun or even abuse. The head admin team has decided to decrease the usage of admin powers for unnecessary (fun) things and told the admin team about it. We don't want to cut the entire fun since it can always be fun to abuse slightly from time to time. Also this server stands for more fun and autism, which we all love about it. But still in general the admin power have been used way too much and admins have to hold themselves a little more back. We hope this will improve things and we can find a perfect balance between fun and seriousness. Help us out and tell us, when you are disturbed/distracted by unnecessary admins power usages, don't be afraid. We take our Appeals/Reports seriously and no one will be ignored. 


- Failnade Friday
 -> We've added a lot of maps to rotation during failnade friday, which are usually admin nomination only. From harder maps like Minas to autistic fun maps like icecap derp. Join us the next friday and find out, what maps you can play!


-> Rule for Minas TIrith
 - We decided to allow reviving and bringing people, who got TROLL caded by others on Minas. Keep in mind this is only a thing on minas and is not allowed on other maps. We came to this conclusion, because cancers always keep cading others on Minas and it's simply not fair.  


- Rules in General
 -> Any kind of level swapping is forbidden and our admins know about it. There is no exception. 
 -> Not shooting zombies is no longer punishable. We had a lot of discussions about this and even a report. We know people sometimes have different things to do while playing (eating, watching something etc.) and that's why a punishment is simply not justified. However keep in mind **Not shooting bosses** can still be punished depending on the admin. Because unlikely not helping the team by not shooting the zombies, you don't just not help your team, you even harm them cause you increase the boss's hp and don't deal your part of damage. The motd has been updated for this, check here.


- Weapon Rebuys
 -> We added some alternative names for rebuying weapons. This is more dynamic with shorter names to type it faster. The old names are still in function. Some examples are: *!kev (!kevlar), !fam (!famas), !five or !seven (!fiveseven). *


 -> From now on the rtv function will be disabled as soon as the timeleft drops under 0. With this we want to prevent an rtv during the last round. However keep in mind, that admins still have the final call to !enable or !disable earlier or later depending the situation. 


- Glowcolors
 -> Added Black Glowcolor back


02/11/2018 (11/02/2018)


- New Admins we have added the past 2-3 weeks
 -> Shinigami Senpai
 -> Daniel
 -> Gamesadict
 -> Rexy
 -> omarfire
- Rank Rewards
 -> As you probably checked out, we finally reset the rank. From now on this is going to happen at the end of every month and everyone in the Top 50 will be rewarded for the entire following month. So far the rewards look like this:
 -> Top 50 2 different Skins
 -> Top 25 Tier 2 (Supporter) and 1 more Skin
 -> Top 12 Tier 3 (VIP)
 -> Keep in mind the rewards stack, for example the TOP 12 Players have access to all 3 skins. We are still trying to improve the rewards you can get. More ideas for Skins and other things are planned. Stay tuned for more info.
- General Rank Settings
 -> Increased points you get for being on the server
 -> Increased Kill Streak Points (points you get at the end of the round for multiple kills), which we did to encourage zombies to play more and farm points. The rank system shouldn't only be attractive and effective for humans. We will try to balance this even more, this is a first step into that direction.
 -> As Human you are now also protected from losing points (-5) if you go to spec once a round ends and all zombies die. This short period of time is sometimes used by Humans to go to spec, that's why the fix. Make sure to go to spec ONCE all zombies are nuked/killed. It doesn't work earlier.
 -> We decreased the kills needed for regular points from 50 to 20, because as you know by now we reset the ranks every month and 50 kills are way too much for a duration of a month.
 -> Some maps are still not in the right "difficulty group", that grant you more points if you win it as human. We will go over the list to have all maps in the right group they belong to.
- TorchTV
 -> Added a ratio for !votedisable, that scales on the current server population instead of a static amount. The ratio is 20% meaning if 1 of 5 type it, TorchTV will be disabled for the rest of the current map.
- New Skins added in the past 2 weeks
 - Check this thread to be up to date with all Skins you can use. The Top 50 Skins are listed as well. 


- Maplist
 - The Maplist has been updated and maps are marked now, on which you get more points when you win a round as a human. Default Points by winning round on "easy" maps is 20. Maps that grant you more points are marked like this:
  -> *EASY* you get 40 points 
  -> *HARD* you get 80 points
  -> *EXTREME* you get 120 points


02/12/2018 (12/02/2018)


- General Settings

 -> We decided to decrease the global knockback even a little more and also doubled the nade knockback.


02/19/2018 (19/02/2018)


- General Rank Settings
 -> The kill streak points we increased in the past are only granted to *Zombies* now. The original increase was to encourage zombies to tryhard and gain more points. However *Humans* profited as well on some maps, where you can easily kill multiple zombies. For example maps like Doorhug and Solo, Pirates Stage 1 Ending or Last Man Standing Stages 4/8. *Humans* have already the opportunity to gain points by defending and winning harder maps. Also as mentioned in the past, we want the rank system balanced as well. As Zombie you should be able to farm some nice points too. Keep in mind that points for the kills itself are still granted for both *Human* and *Zombie*, this is only about points you additionally get at the end of the round for multiple kills.
 -> Now we separate *Zombies* and *Motherzombies*. Kill streak points are even more increased for *Motherzombies* and we also increased the round win points for *Motherzombies* when Zombies win. The reason behind this is that it's usually the goal of *Motherzombies* if zombies win a round and they should be rewarded more than regular zombies who are infected afterwards. 
 -> Fixed/Added the point reduction for going to spectate as human when you type spectate in console, which only worked with !spec so far. A lot of you figured that out pretty fast and avoided the point reduction. You guys are all smartasses, aren't you? ;)


- Admin Team
 - We have added Neon as Technical Assistant. From now on he will help us with technical things behind the scenes. He has a lot of experience and we have no doubts  he is going to be very helpful.


03/10/2018 (10/03/2018)


- Admin Team
 -> Added Filip as an Admin
 -> Removed some Inactive Admins


- Funmode
 -> Fixed the issue where Freezenades sometimes were not given to Humans
 -> The planned testing of Funmode with different classes has been delayed due to technical problems. Stay tuned for more info.


- Failnade Friday
 -> Added some more maps to rotation that the public can nominate during FNF (= Failnade Friday). Be sure to check it out!


- **NEW** Special Settings Sunday
 -> After testing this a few times we are finally ready! We have officially implemented "Special Settings Sunday". SSS (= Special Settings Sunday) starts Sundays at 6 am GMT+0 and lasts for 24 hours. Many different settings are added and available during SSS.  After the Warm Up Round, a vote will show up offering you the chance to select different settings from popular servers from the past. You guys can choose the settings you like the most and play with them for the duration of the map. Of course you guys can also vote to keep the default server settings. The other settings are the following (all attributes refer to default server settings):

 -> Plaguefest Settings: Falldamage, No Rebuys at all, Less Ammo, Jump Height 1.0, Shorter Burn-TIme from FIrenades, Slightly Higher General Knockback, Default Knife Knockback

 -> Hellz Settings: Falldamage, Unlimited Ammo, No Kevlar and Nade Rebuy, All other Weapons for Free and Infinite Amount to Rebuy, Humans have 1 Freezenade, Jump Height 1.0, A lot Shorter Burn-Time from Firenades, Very Low General Knockback, Default Knife Knockback, Way Stronger Zombies (more Speed, HP and HP Regen), No Tossing

 -> I3D Settings: Falldamage, No Rebuys at all, Less Ammo, Jump Height 1.0, No Burn-Time from Firenades, Higher Nade Knockback, Higher General Knockback, Default Knife Knockback

 -> Sonaki: Falldamage, Pushnades instead of Firenades, Pushnades cost 6k with Infinite Amount to Rebuy, No Rebuy for all other Weapons, Less Ammo, Jump Height 1.0, Lower General Knockback, Knifing Zombies deals a lot of Damage, Slightly Stronger Motherzombies (Bit more Speed and Jump Height), Higher Air Accelerate, No Bhop

 -> Please keep in mind these whole settings will probably need a balance after testing it multiple times. Expect a lot of changes. We are trying all we can to improve your ZE experience. Any Suggestions or Complaints are welcome.

 -> To find out which settings are enabled right now type *!currentsettings*

 -> Also cause of technical reasons Funmode is disabled during SSS. We plan to add it back and put it to the vote on maps, that have Funmode already as option. 


- Maps and Maplist

 -> As promised in one of the last changelogs, we went through the entire map list to put maps into the right difficulty group. We hope all maps are at the right place now. There will likely be more re-balancing as time goes on though.

 -> We have added Spawn in Crowd to several maps where the setting makes maps more exciting where they otherwise may have become dull. We still have to add this to many other maps, so if you all have suggestions, feel free to let us know!

 -> We now have a system that scales the default air accelerate and knockback for maps based on difficulty. It is very gradual and subtle. The reason for this is to make maps that are easier a bit more engaging and those that are harder a bit more consistent.

 -> The maplist has been updated for all these changes including some new marks:
  ->Here is the legend for all marks:

 -> **Bold** and *Cursive* Maps are on Rotation, all others are Admin Nomination only.
 -> *EASY* marked maps have a slightly reduced knockback and Humans earn 20 points by winning a round. Also the Air Accelerate is higher.
 -> *NORMAL* marked Maps have the default global knockback and Humans earn 40 points by winning a round. Also the Air Accelerate is a little higher.
 -> *HARD* marked Maps have a slightly higher knockback and Humans earn 80 points winning a round. Air Accelerate is default.
 -> *EXTREME* marked Maps have a even a little higher knockback and Humans earn 120 points winning a round. Air Accelerate is default. 
 -> *CROWDSPAWN* marked Maps have spawn in crowd enabled.
 -> *FAILNADES+SNIPERS* marked Maps have a very high grenade knockback and snipers are enabled.
 -> *FUNMODE* marked Maps can be played with Funmode (Throwing Knives, Freezenades, Crowdspawn).

 -> We are currently trying to add this legend on top of the list, but there are some technical issues. Hopefully we can get it done soon though. 
 -> Anyone is welcome to suggest changes in the maplist thread for any of these settings.


- Glowcolors
 -> Black Glowcolor has been removed again.


- Rank Rewards
 -> A new ZM Skin has been added for the Top 25 Players.
 -> As mentioned in the past, we are still planning to improve the rewards. The past few weeks we have focused on other things as we allowed the rank system to mature, but we will try to keep updating it and make sure it remains relevant.


- Weapon Settings
 -> As requested, both shotguns have slightly increased knockback now to make them more attractive again. 
 -> All Rifles have a 40 clip size now. We figured that they were overpowered compared to SMG's. Hopefully this is more balanced now. 
 -> By typing 'sm_dualies' you can now also buy Elites ('sm_elite' still works). 


- Rules
 -> Our Report Function (sm_report) has been used a lot for trolling in the recent past. Misusing that is still against the rules and Admins will start to enforce the rule again. Since we didn't do that the past several months, we will begin slowly by trying to warn players, but after couple of weeks we will move on to gags. Keep in mind that we still take the reports seriously, and we even check demos later on if there is a serious report that no one has dealt with.
 -> New minor rule: Teaming up with the opposite team (zombies + humans) to farm points is not allowed. Any players caught purposely farming points with other players will have their rank invalidated for the month.


- Skins
 - We have added a 2nd Human Public Skin as alternative for the Masterchief Skin. As always you can check all skins available here.


04/29/2018 (29/04/2018)


- Admin Team
 - Added bLank as an Admin
-> Funmode
 - Fixed the issue where Freezenades sometimes were not given to Humans (Yes we know, that this was already written in the last change log, but hopefully now it is finally fixed ;)).
 -> Finally we added 6 (3 zombie and 3 human) new classes, which you guys can play and test. We are sorry this took quite long, but we all have been bit busy lately. However let's have a look at the new classes:

 -> *1st Human: High-HP Human* This class has more HP and also slowly regenerates HP. The advantage of this class is mitigating damage from throwing knives or other kind of damage from maps. You are more like to survive those kind of threats with this class.

 -> *2nd Human: Freeze Human* This class simply gets a 2nd freeze nade at spawn. The advantage of this class is having another powerful smoke grenade against zombies. 

 -> *3rd Human: Immune Human* This class cannot be infected by zombies. Instead, it takes damage from zombie knife attacks (same as throwing knives). The advantage of this class is in emergency or clutch situations, where you cannot shoot a nearby zombie away anymore, so you can simply knife them away or reload to shoot them. You can risk getting knifed a few times without dying. This allows for many creative possibilities and synergizes well with out strong knife knock-back to open up a more melee play-style since we are sure many of you already love that.

  -> *1st Zombie: Speed Zombie* This class is simply a litte faster. The advantage of this class is especially apparent on long maps where you can gain a lot of ground on the humans to surprise them where normally you would not be able to be there so early.

 -> *2nd Zombie: High-Jump Zombie* This class is able to jump higher and further. The advantage of this class is to overcome obstacles faster and more efficient. It also promotes evasive mechanics and opens up many possibilities.

 -> *3rd Zombie: Less Zombie* This class can not be set on fire and also has a very low knockback. This could be very useful at long holds, where Humans will have more trouble defending against this class.

 -> **Important:** All other defaults classes/skins are disabled on 'Funmode' and all these 6 classes are public. Also the skins of the 6 classes are the default ones for now. We plan to add nice skins, but first we will focus on testing this. The new 'Funmode' will most likely be unbalanced at first and one team will have more advantages. Help us by giving us your feedback to balance the settings/classes and find the quirks in the system.


- Special Settings Sunday
 -> The round no longer restarts if default setting is voted.
 -> Disabled Falldamage on Hellz Mode


- Rank Rewards
 -> The Best Player of the month is now rewarded with the possibility of immunity from becoming a 'Motherzombie' the entire following month! Same as the Top Defender he's got a crown on top of him and can also toggle the immunity received by typing sm_top1 (!top1 in chat). 


- Nomlist and Maps
 -> We restricted the amount of FF and Rooftop Maps that can be nominated at the same time to 2. The shared cool-down of these maps stays the same. This is to guarantee more variety and prevent players from filling the 'nomlist' with only certain types of maps.


- Discord
 -> The Admin Chat is now printed to Discord, which Admins can see. If there is no Admin in the game and you need to tell us something, just message the Admin Chat (open Team Chat and type @<your text>), and we will see it on Discord. We also plan to add the Reports to Discord as well for more integration. Stay tuned.


- Zombie Settings
 -> We increased the 'HP Regen' of 'Motherzombies'a little. We want to prevent 'Motherzombies' from being killed easily on narrow maps, where it has happened way too many times. 


- Points
 -> Decreased the Top 3 Defender point rewards from 15/10/5 to 12/8/4 since it was a little op to farm points. Don't forget that these points stack with the points you get by shooting zombies. Being top defender will still be rewarding, although ever so slightly less impactful with regards to the ranking system.


07/08/2018 (08/07/2018)


- Admin Team
 -> Removed some inactive Admins
 -> Miku has been added back as Admin


- Head Admin Team
 -> Soft Serve / Kurimu has been promoted to Head Admin


- Map List
 -> As promised we finally managed to add the legend/description for maps on top of the map list. Check it out here and suggest changes.


- Funmode
 -> We plan to add the new skins for Funmode soon. Stay tuned.
 -> Unfortunately Freezenades are still sometimes not given to all Players. We are working on it. We are really sorry, that this issue could not have been fixed over months. 


- General Knockback
 -> We came to the conclusion, that the server is struggling bit lately. That's why we increased the general knockback a very tiny bit. 


- Nade Knockback
 -> We also decreased the knockback on nades a very tiny bit. 


- Crowdspawn
 -> Now you will be warned in the chat if Crowdspawn is enabled on a Map. This happens every round before Zombies are infected. This should help you to get aware of the threat in time and take actions against it.


- Trigger Timer
 -> We added a timer on top of the screen, that shows triggers and their countdown. This should help Humans to coordinate the defense and falling back in time. 


- Bhop Status
 -> As you might know we have an Antihack Plugin, that disables bhop automatically of hyperscrollers. Unfortunately the plugin sometimes detects false positives. To check if your bhop is disabled or not we added a new command *sm_bhopstatus <target>*. This should help Admins to check false positives and enable their bhop back again. 


- Rank Points
 -> Getting a trigger is rewarded with 2 Points now.


- No Steam
 -> Our Server is Nosteam now.


08/21/2018 (21/08/2018)



- Connect Announce

 -> We added a new improved Connect Announcer, which is build up like this:
<highest role> <name> <current rank> <steam id + nosteam> <country> <custom message>

  Here an example:
 Admin Dogan #1 [STEAM_0:0:22286324] connected from Switzerland to watch Backy panic and die.

 -> The custom message is VIP (Tier 3) only. Here are the new commands:

 sm_joinmsg <your text> to set your message (you can use {color} to modify the color)
 sm_joinmsg to check your current message
 sm_resetjoinmsg to reset your current message 


- Leader Plugin

 -> As you probably already saw on the server, we added a plugin that marks a chosen leader. The marking is more effecting rather than just using a beacon. There are also visible texts like "defend here" or "follow me", which the leader can use.

 Admins can choose Leaders and whitelisted people can also set themselves as Leaders. To get whitelisted, please ask an admin and we can add you. Whitelisted people can use sm_leader to set theirself as Leader. 

 Additionally Leaders are a group now, which you guys can target. If you type *sm_leaders* in chat you will see all possible leaders currenty online. You can make use of this to mute everyone but leaders for example (!sm @!leaders)


- Chat Colors

 -> VIP'S can now use {color} to change the color of their text. 


- Radio

 -> Added new command *!smradio* which mutes all radio sounds. Type it again to enable radio sounds. 


- Selfmute

 -> You can target players with their Steam ID now. This can be useful for binds if you want to selfmute someone all the time, who keeps changing his name. It works like this !sm "#STEAM_0:0:36705011".


- Reports

 -> All Reports are printed to the Admin Channel on Discord and tags everyone, who is online right now. Like this Admins are informed pretty fast even if they are not on the server. They can join and deal with the report.

 Please don't abuse the *sm_report* function. Misusing it can get you gagged. This is a minor rule and will be enforced. 


- Map Votes

 -> There are 7 maps in map votes now. 5 of them are nominations and 2 are chosen randomly. Like this we want to guarantee some diversity in the votes. 


- Stopmusic

 - We added sm_stopmusic back, cause we think it's fixed now. 


- General Knockback

 -> We added 5% Knockback Boost for all maps when there are less than 32 Players on the server. This stacks with the boost for harder maps. We added this, because maps are harder for Humans if the population is low on the server. We hope this will improve the gameplay on our server when there is a low amount of people playing. 


- Motherzombie Class
 -> Guerilla Red Hellknight Class is no longer the Motherzombie Skin. It's a public Skin now. This means, that you will keep your skin chosen on !zclass even if you are a mothezombie. Since old the Motherzombies had 12.5k HP, we balanced it by giving new Motherzombies (no matter which skin) 15k HP. Default Zombies still have 7.5k HP. 


- Rank

 -> We reduced the kills needed for regular points from 20 to 10. We changed that cause of the monthly rank resets. 20 kills is way too high in such a short period of time.
 -> We increased the minimum amount of players needed for rank points to be given from 0 to 4. It was dumb to reduce it to 0, since everyone could farm points while the server was dead. We apologize for that. 


- Cash for Defending

 -> We increased the money gain for shooting Zombies a tiny bit. As you all know our rebuy prizes are very high and you really need to defend a lot to get more rebuys. We are the opinion it was a little too hard and that's why we made it a little easier now. 


- Scout

 -> We decreased the clip size of Scouts from 30 to 15. 30 was way too overpowered compared the AWP with a clip size of 10. 


- Funmode

  -> Finally we could fix the freezenades given to Humans! We are really sorry, that this took so long.
 -> We got rid of the special Classes, because it simply didn't work out well. The Idea itself wasn't bad to have some special classes for more fun, but however some classes were way too overpowered compared to others. It was simply not balanced and ruined the purpose of Funmode and fun maps. 

 With the classes gone Funmode is simply Humans with Freezenades. Zombies with Throwing Knives and Crowdspawn. 


- Failnade Friday

 -> After several complaints and bad experiences with Failnades during Fridays, we got rid of the higher Grenade Knockback (= Failnades) during Fridays. Failnade Friday is now "only" Extended Nomlist Friday, where you guys can still nominate Admin-Nomination-Only maps.


- Special Settings Sunday

 -> We are the opinion, that the SSS was a complete failure, even more than Failnade Friday and Funmode Classes. The population during Sundays was oddly low and that's why we completely removed it from Sundays.

 However we kept the plugin and renamed it to "Special Settings". When requested Admins can load the plugin and the server can vote for different settings during the map. We can still make Events or Mini-Events with these settings, but it's no longer a thing during Sundays. 


- Auto Snipers

 -> We unrestricted Auto Snipers on fun maps a while ago and soon realized they are way too strong. We tried to balance it by reducing their knockback. Even tho their knockback was reduced by 50%, they are still too strong. You still deal a lot of damage to Zombies and can easily farm points.

 We came to the conclusion to restrict Auto Snipers again. We know they can be fun, but Auto Snipers are simply not made for Zombie Escape. As Zombie it's really cancer if you can't do anything because of Auto Snipers. 


- Air Accelerate

 -> As you probably already know, we increased the AA on easy and normal maps a while ago. We were trying to add more fun to easier maps, which entirely backfired. You could simply not even shoot back Zombies, since they just bhopped back in an insane speed. We know, that the purpose of easy maps is not just winning, but still it was way to frustrating when Zombies had that big advantage. Not to mention normal maps, where the aim is more likely winning the map.

 So we removed the higher AA on easy and normal maps. The default 10 stays on all maps now.

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