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Another Business Trip :)

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Hey everyone,


I just wanted to give a heads up. I'm going on another business trip this month to Denver (it was decided today). I will be either leaving the night of the 14th (Sunday) and coming back the night of the 19th (Thursday). This is happening this month (October).


I probably won't be available during the day because a lot goes on within the office. However, I should be available during the evenings and nights.


Let's hope I don't have the worst flight experience ever again (for me) lmao.



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23 minutes ago, RickGrimesTM said:



Roy coming back to GFL from a trip to go back on a trip

Exactly how I feel :(

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All I want to say is:


Don't you dare come on and help while being on business trip. If I catch you, I will lecture you of your health. Kapeech???


credits to @Clavers

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Just an update, the dates will remain the same. However, there will be many after-work events going on next week. Therefore, I may not be available as much during the evenings. Though, we'll have to see.


There is also a possibility I'll have another business trip in November.



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