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Event #100 -- Nominations

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Posted  Edited by Vanya

Hello everyone!


Now that I finally have a nicer place to write these event threads in, let me explain to you what will our super special Event #100 be:


This week we will have not one but TWO events sparing both Saturday and Sunday (Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th), what this means is that there will be no Tie-breaker votes this week, the two most voted events will be this weekend's events!


Conditions to nominate maps + How to do it:

  • Nominate a map (or a combo) by leaving a reply in this thread with the maps that you'd like to see for the next event, have some common sense while nominating, don't go and nominate stupid senseless long and hard combos.
  • Vote for which nomination you'd like to see by giving a like to the post (or posts) with the nomination that you like.
  • The 5 most upvoted nominations will make it to the Map and time votes.
  • You cannot upvote your own nomination!


Conditions to nominate stuff:

  • Map combos can be nominated so long as they aren't nonsensical ridiculous combos
  • Special kickers (twists in gameplay) can be requested for your event nomination (so long as they make sense too)
  • Make sure to write the *full map name* when nominating (example, write "ze_lotr_isengard_v2_3" instead of just "Isengard")
  • "Autism as part of the events" won't be allowed (micspam and stuff), chill / simple maps for chill events however, are.
  • "X Weapon only unless bossfight" type of events is not longer allowed, "X Weapon only" type of events is allowed.


Nominations will be closed on: Tuesday October 9th @ 11:55pm GMT-5

If you'd like to see how we used to handle these event threads over at the now ded GFLClan.ru, check out the following threads so you get an idea of what to expect or how to do it:

Edited by Vanya

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Posted  Edited by Vanya

Imma go ahead and do what had to be done since the .ru days.


Event Nomination: Simon Belmont goes around the world / Super Castlevania Event

Consists of: ze_castlevania_v1_3


Special Kickers:

  • Our ZE server has 5 different server settings (Default settings, pF settings, Sonaki settings, i3D settings and Hellz settings) to choose from, Castlevania has 6 stages. For this event each stage will be played with a different server setting.
  • Which stage will be played with which setting will be decided before the event starts.

Possible server settings for this nomination:

  • Default server settings
  • pF settings - 900 ammo max
  • Sonaki settings
  • i3D settings
  • Hellz settings
  • pF settings - 2000 ammo max

pF with bhop off cuz this is my event and I want it like that

Edited by Vanya

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Westersand Speed Demon Event


The speed demon of westersand is unbanned and unleashed onto the gfl.ru servers one last time before it inevitably dies due to backy backstabbing the community and forcing the merge like a beta cuck. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)






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Posted  Edited by The Q-man

Event for a Certain Legend

  • ze_bioshock_v6_3
  • ze_shroomforest3_b6_2
  • ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix

Special Kickers:

  • No rebuys except for 1 extra nade
  • Shroomforest3 - Extreme modes only
  • VIP awarded to winning team only if a certain someone wins with them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Edited by The Q-man

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Posted  Edited by Lv100Crobat

The Cosmo VIP:




Special Kickers:

We will play the full map, however 1 random CT will get a beacon once the zombies spawn.


If the VIP dies, the round is lost and its required to play the lost stage again. This mentioned, the VIP needs to survive bosses and/or lasers.

Edited by Lv100Crobat

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Posted  Edited by Lev

AK-47 Only Event






Special Kicker for all maps:

-PlagueFest settings

-Only AK-47, all pistols (due to map items) and one HE Grenade.



-Winning all maps will reward you with 1 week of free VIP.




Edited by Lev


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