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Event #100 -- The first GFLClan.com CS:S ZE Event in years!

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Event Overview:

Hello everyone!


As concluded in this Map and time Vote Thread, for our next event we will be doing not one, but TWO full length events that will be sparing all this upcoming weekend.


Welcome to the first event that CS:S ZE will be hosting under GFLClan.com's servers!


First of all I'd like to give a special shoutout to all the people that made this merge possible, without their effort in handling the server migration and in responding to players and curious fellas this all wouldn't have happened, make sure to thank them all for their efforts!


This event will be split in two:


  • On Saturday, we'll be playing ze_castlevania_v1_3 but with very, VERY special kickers all throughout
  • On Sunday, we'll be playing ze_bioshock_v6_3, ze_shroomforest3_b6_2 AND ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix


Day and time of the events:

  • Saturday, October 13th @ 10pm GMT-0
  • Sunday, October 14th @ 10PM GMT-0
To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea.
Eventually the times will be posted in our Steam group for your convenience so make sure to join it so you can see the exact time at which it starts for you!
Special Kickers:

Event #100 Part 1 -- Simon Belmont Goes Around The World

For this event we will be playing ze_castlevania_v1_3, however, each stage will be played with a different server setting.
  • Our ZE server has 5 different server settings (Default settings, pF settings, Sonaki settings, i3D settings and Hellz settings) to choose from, Castlevania has 6 stages. For this event each stage will be played with a different server setting.
  • Which stage will be played with which setting will be decided before the event starts. (It will be posted in our Discord a few minutes before the event starts)
  • pF settings with bhop off

Event #100 Part 2 -- "Event for a Certain Legend" Map Combo

For this event we will be playing ze_bioshock_v6_3, ze_shroomforest3_b6_2 AND ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix.

  • No rebuys except for 1 extra nade
  • Shroomforest3 - Extreme modes only
VIP Rewards:
To be decided. :lenny:
  • Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual
  • Micspamming (preventing a leader from leading) is not allowed
  • Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed.
Anyone willing to be. (I'll be there for Castlevania)
See you on Saturday (and Sunday)!
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