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Discord Rules

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Discord Rules


0. Golden Rule:
Treat others how you would like to be treated.
1. Spamming:
Do not commit any form of spamming e.g. mic-spamming, mass-tagging, many consecutive messages, etc.
2. Private Matters:
Do not discuss anything confidential with another user in public.
3. Channel Topics:
Do not talk about unrelated topics in specific channels e.g. talking about Breach in the Murder channel.
4. Impersonation:
Do not intentionally impersonate any other user in the server.
5. Doxing:
Do not release any private information about another user without their permission. Information that the user had sent publicly within GFL in the past is fair game.
6. Explicit Content:
Do not send explicit images/links that include nudity, overt sexual imagery, morbidity, or anything that conflicts with Discord's Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms. This criteria also applies to profile pictures.
7. Malicious Messages:
Do not exploit other users by sending malicious links or messages that specifically cause problems with Discord clients/computers.
8. Advertising:
Do not send links or images related to other communities, Discord servers, or websites with the intent of recruitment or promotion.


If you see someone breaking the rules, please do not take matters to your own hands. Ping a Moderator to save us the trouble.


Punishments for Each Rule


For Rule 1a. Spamming (minor):
warning -> 15 minutes mute/restriction -> 1 hour mute/restriction -> 4 hour mute/restriction
For Rule 1b. Spamming (major):
3 day mute/restriction -> 1 week mute/restriction -> permanent mute/restriction
For Rule 2. Private Matters:
warning -> 24 hour server mute -> 3 day server mute -> 1 week server mute -> permanent server mute
For Rule 3. Channel Topics:
warning -> 24 hour mute in respective channel -> 1 week mute -> permanent mute
For Rule 4. Impersonation:
warning -> 1 week ban -> permanent ban
For Rule 5. Doxing:
warning / permanent mute
For Rule 6a. Explicit Content (minor):
warning -> 1 day restriction -> 3 day restriction -> 1 week restriction -> permanent restriction
For Rule 6b. Explicit Content (major):
permanent ban
For Rule 6c. Explicit Profile Picture:
warning -> ban until explicit profile picture is removed
For Rule 7. Maliclous Messages:
permanent ban
For Rule 8. Advertising:
warning -> 1 week server mute -> permanent server mute


If you were punished for any reason, appeal here.

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