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Ban Appeal -TTT US (2 bans)

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Name: the_hydralisk


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:5155026


Banned by: Franchize


Ban reason:


1. RDM and Leave

2. Consistent (RDM?)


Why you should be unbanned:


Spoke with wiggles in discord, appears that ban 1 was done in error. Shows unbanned by admin CONSOLE. I'm worried this will impact my membership application.


Ban 2 (Consistent RDM?) is one i'm confused about. I had a few reports earlier in the day but all were responded to accurately with information showing that I was in the right in all but one case. That one case was forgiven due to killing the wrong player in the course of a firefight. I'm not sure why it would be considered consistent RDM if it was for KOS'able offences according to server rules or for seeing KOS able offenses committed by Ts.


As such I respectfully ask that the ban be revoked/cancelled.




Mike aka the_hydralisk

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Posted  Edited by Franchize - Edit Reason: Not detailed enough.

So wiggles did ask me about this one. The 6 hour ban was supposed to be overridden by the consistent rdm ban. There was multiple reports and I added the consistent ban in late due to wanting to play and catching up old reports slowly. 


I look into most reports thoroughly especially if there is more than 2. But the day got away from me. But it turns out most of them were a legitimate rdm


I will unban for consistent since the 6 hour ban has been served. 

Edited by Franchize
Not detailed enough.

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