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Your In-Game Name: Sausage Clicker

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:134803050

Ban reason and Length: 1 week - inflated twice

Admin That Banned You: bb

Appeal Reason:


As this is my first inflating case i consider it extremely unfair and not in the name of equality that i be given a week for what i did. Especially considering that my counterpart was only given a day. This is not equal and while i don't personally mind about the timing, i in turn find it undermines the power of the server manger as it was decided for a day. Apart for being a mockery for the judicial system, you shouldn't bring personal dislikes into judgments, and while i am unliked in the eyes of the senior admins i see no reason for me to get a week for i did, im arguing merely out of principle. 


Atleast ban nato for a week, ill find it funny.





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