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Posted  Edited by ReivaX

Your In-Game Name: sausage

Your Steam ID:

Ban reason and Length: a week, glitching

Admin That Banned You: no idea

Appeal Reason: I wasn't glitching, people had boosted three rounds in a row and when I ovedefened the elevator the map had already been activated so far ahead that didn't trigger the teleporter my area. 


If you had any knowledge about the map you would know that standing there gets tp'd when the map is played normally. if admins had any sense and learnt the story before randomly banning people they would find that I was innocent and mrrely only in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


Also screw the people that kept boosting on frostdrake to ruin the experience for othrr people.



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Yes, I know this is your first ban.

However, the admin team has had MULTIPLE conversations with you regarding glitching and finding bugs in these maps. While I appreciate you looking for them, keep in mind that a lot of these maps are/were made by other members of the community who are not being paid to perfect it to a super professional level that you want. There is no AAA production behind ZE and most people are making maps as a hobby for fun. I informed you that you should report glitches and bugs to either the MAPPER or an admin but for some reason, you decided that telling other people was an A-OKAY idea. 


In case you forgot, it was mentioned on our MOTD





Regardless, you've had MULTIPLE warnings and this is NOT the first time you have been seen glitching/delaying in a map. 


Remember the boat on ze_zombierig? How bout you trying to find some tiny glitch in Pirates lvl 5 during kraken boss fight? Or you trying to glitch the ZM item in aepp_nano_grid? Or how about you encouraging @RussellCrowe to glitch in Biohazard_rpd?


Here is the full conversation (dated July 17th, 2018 PST) we had the first time regarding you glitching in one of the Biohazard maps.

Part 1/4

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4


Here you are telling @Vauff that you do not exploit




And here is you talking to @alpha_steven regarding this exploit list that you made, titled "I find glitches for fun...", that you did indeed send to me.






Here is a screenshot of the mentioned list




We even made a Map Issues Fix Form to help address map issues 


Along with a Discord 



So I do not know why you even accuse me of "not want[ing] to touch them" when I have actively tried to get maps glitches fixed behind the scenes.



@bb_IU has even attempted to reach out to you to get further clarification before regarding these glitches you found but got this instead




[Part One]

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Posted  Edited by reduct

[Part Two]


And for some reason, after finding exploits on a map that GFL did not have in our rotation, you decided NOT to inform the management for the server that did.






And here is you explaining in a random Tryhard server, telling everyone in detail how to exploit Biohazard rpd.





We have been quite lax and reasonable with you. But for some reason, you keep taking advantage of it.


You accuse us of being "favoured against you" but based on evidence that I have here, it doesn't really seem like we were favoring against you in anyway.

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Meh, first ban but don't ban me for map glitching, because I wasn't glitching. I'm sure we call all agree that. 


So ban me because I know stuff and abuse nice admins. It will do well on my conscience. 


I would thank you for not moving this ban because if I told you I left in a hour you'd probs just extend it


I'm not joking about going to Mexico but I'm happy about how I managed to delay the other ban. I'll see everyone on the 11th :)

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As for your proof, don't really care but the biohazard one as I found it for a friend and can still be used on most servers. The app nano was also because my particles were bugged, I love how you treat everything I do as a high level bug but I do what I always do, I bluff big. Cheers for putting this much effort into banning me, I sort of feel flattered :)



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