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BIRB man is leaving the nest

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Hello best friends i am resigning from Admin position of prophunt. The reason is that i have been burnt out of it and i have other games to play that i have now prefer.  I have been willing to leave earlier when bee went cold and the server got frozen if you say, but since that prop hunt has gotten a new manager i can now leave knowing the server wont insta die. so now for the good byes 


@Winter thank you for introducing this community for that i could spend 2000+ hours on gmod lol

@tealchicken its been a fucken good ass run, good work. its been a hard work keeping the server on its feet 

@Dralga good work on bringing the server to its new state i can finally leave with a clear fact of you have an iron fist to the server 

@Kite9867 good shit my guy 

@Reeve YO brother i got better in smash 

@Ben Roy love you bb

@Roy good luck in you job, love you bb <3


@rapperban keep on the strong fight brother 

@PyrosAlt love you man *no homo*

@TheLastBee i could never as for a better manager and thank you for being the coolist staff manager ive seen

@AtoMix27 you son of abitch you keep kicing deathrun ass  

i would make this list bigger but all the remaining friends left or moved on ;-; 

is this the last time youll see me? 

NO, i will return most likely to back to csgo division 

(apologies if i forget anyone)



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