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Zombie Survival MOTD

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General Rules



  1. Generally, an admin has the final say on an issue. If an admin says not to do something, please don't do it, even if it isn't covered elsewhere in the MOTD. If you were wronglyaccused of something, acted unjustly against or feel a rule is in a very "Gray State", let another admin/a higher up know immediately.

  2. No racial, sexist or derogatory abuse with the intent to hurt a player is allowed. Jokes, discussions, etc. of sensitive issues are allowed if there's no intention of hurting other players and others on the server aren't uncomfortable.

  3. Do not impersonate other players particularly administrators+.

  4. No disgusting/shock, child porn, or full-nude sprays.

  5. No mic spamming, excessive yelling, hldj, or any type of audio players unless an admin says it's all right based on popular vote. English only on the mics.

  6. Stay out of an admin's business with another player. For example: If a player was muted, do not bug the admin with "why did you do that?" Or "abuse, abuse" in a trolling manner. If the admin is abusing his/her powers you can report them with VALID proof.

  7. No chat spamming: This includes All Caps messages, repetitive messages, etc.

  8. No Exploitation of any kind, this can be using the height glitch for points, or abusing boss to shoot through walls, if you are abusing a glitch it is not allowed. 

  9.  Administrators are NOT above the rules. If a member is abusing their power, please record them/have proof then report them in our report section .


  10. No Hacking/scripts. Simple enough. Any proof that hacking and/or scripts present will result in the player being immediately banned.



Server Specific Rules


  • Picking up other player's things if they refuse to move theirs, so long as the action was reasonable.

  • Making adjustments to a cade in a beneficial manner, such as replacing broken props.

  • Killing yourself as a zombie in order to change zombie classes, Unless you are a zombie boss (Unless Boss is trapped within a cade for over 1 round, then it is okay to kill yourself as boss).

  • "Tryharding" as a zombie and as many times as you wish to play as a starting zombie. Zombies are also allowed to destroy "wild" props not being used by a Shade to keep survivors from rebuilding a barricade
  • Breaking props like doors (if it's not being used for cading purposes) to be used in one's own cade.

  • Building 'skycades' is allowed as long as you are not abusing any exploits or are in an unreachable spot (No class of zombies can reach you).

  • Placing Arsenal Crates, Gun Turrets, etc. in other survivors cades. However, the barricader has priority in what they want/don't want in their cades. You MUST pack up your stuff if they request you to move it. Barricaders also have priority in the locations of where their own equipment goes over yours. They built a cade to save your skin, please give them the courtesy of being the main Arsenal Crate at the barricade.

  • Hiding as the Last Human with a Stalker Rifle
  • Picking up guns that people drop. Anything on the floor is essentially fair game. (Except craftables already claimed).

  • You can refuse to shoot a zombie inside of your cade or refuse to help another survivor from being killed by a zombie if you want to risk it. DO NOT intentionally let zombies into your cade if other people are relying on the cade for survival.

  • Bhopping is allowed but without the use of scripts. Scripting is punishable by banning, see hacking/scripts in "General Rules".

  • Zombies can hit loose equipment used by humans away from their original locations, including key cards.


  • Barricading Zombie's spawn.

  • Spawn Killing. This includes killing zombies right out of spawn and or killing zombies right in spawn.

  • Spawn Camping. This means waiting outside the zombie spawn for the zombies to come out then shooting them.

  • Being in unreachable places (meaning no zombies of any class can reach you)

  • Exploiting or glitching maps to reach usually unreachable places.

  • Breaking other people's cades. The only time this rule can be broken is if some one's cade is made to troll, offers no protection, the barricade has been abandoned for over a round or everyone inside the cade died and there are leftover props.

  • Using exploits to kill zombies or other humans. Killing Zombies with exploits will result in slay or kick. Killing humans with exploits as a human will result in a ban.

  • Breaking back up props. This is seen as trolling and will lead to punishment.

  • Prop killing other humans. Zombies are free to prop kill humans. Disclaimer: Prop Tornadoes DO count.

  • Getting humans stuck on purpose when you are a human. EX: Putting un-nailed props in the way.

  • Putting random props to block lines of fire.

  • "Boss Hogging". Intentionally killing yourself as a boss (through console mainly) so you can become a boss zombie again. This can result in a kick or worse. You CAN die from humans killing you to become boss again.

  • Prop Claiming "Wild" props. Wild props are props not within a designated cade or actively being used in some other way than to prevent a shade from using it/disallowing others to use it. ALL WILD PROPS are fair game for anyone's barricade. You CAN nail props in a cade if it's your cade/with permission of the cader.

  • Un-nailing other people's props in a trolling manner.

  • Phase Lighting Shade. This is the act of phasing into a cade with the flashlight on to damage the shade when it moves out of flashlight range.

  • Stealing items that can be used for craft. This includes (but not limited to) the bust, saw blade and worth menu items from other players, first come first serve. If you were the first person to a craftable item, you can do ANYTHING you want to it, including breaking it.

  • Point farming. This is the act of farming for in-game points by using a height glitch to damage props when standing on them.

  • No baiting Humans to spawn kill other zombies who haven't left spawn yet, leaving spawn then going back in to try and taunt humans to shoot is NOT allowed. Humans can ONLY go into zombie spawn to kill a zombie that's retreating back into spawn and ONLY that one zombie.

  • Zombie Trolling. This is the act of, as a zombie, purposely/obviously hitting props being used by another zombie (This includes bosses as well).

  • Cading in someone else's cade without Permission from the person building the cade.




  • !motd - Opens up this menu
  • !shop or F6 to open the Pointshop. 
  • !thirdperson - Go to third person view!
  • F1 - Main menu.
  • F3 - Zombie Classes (Zombies) and Weapon Information (Humans)
  • F4 - Client Options menu.
  • !rtv To rock the vote and change map.
  • !tags For VIP+.



  • Custom "Member tag".
  • Custom player model.




  • Custom player models.
  • Custom "Supporter" tag.



  • Custom player models.
  • Custom "VIP" tag.
  • Custom "VIP" Colors.
  • Access to "!tags".



 These rules are subject to change, and if anyone thinks of a rule that isn't specified or one that needs to be re-worded, please PM @k2nod

Useful Links

Become A Member Of GFL!

GFL GMOD Discord: https://discord.gg/cdPNUkz

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