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Event #103 -- Nominations

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Conditions to nominate maps + How to do it:

  • Nominate a map (or a combo) by leaving a reply in this thread with the maps that you'd like to see for the next event, have some common sense while nominating, don't go and nominate stupid senseless long and hard combos.
  • Vote for which nomination you'd like to see by giving a like to the post (or posts) with the nomination that you like.
  • The 5 most upvoted nominations will make it to the Map and time votes.
  • You cannot upvote your own nomination!


Conditions to nominate stuff:

  • Map combos can be nominated so long as they aren't nonsensical ridiculous combos
  • Special kickers (twists in gameplay) can be requested for your event nomination (so long as they make sense too)
  • Make sure to write the *full map name* when nominating (example, write "ze_lotr_isengard_v2_3" instead of just "Isengard")
  • "Autism as part of the events" won't be allowed (micspam and stuff), chill / simple maps for chill events however, are.
  • "X Weapon only unless bossfight" type of events is not longer allowed, "X Weapon only" type of events is allowed.


Nominations will be closed on: Wednesday October 24th @ 11:55pm GMT-5


Maps you can't nominate currently:

  • ze_castlevania_v1_3
  • ze_bioshock_v6_3
  • ze_shroomforest3_b6_2
  • ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix (#WeWereThere)
  • ze_halloween_house_b4s
  • ze_barrage
  • ze_luigismanison_fix2
  • ze_retribution_rc
  • ze_survivors_b5
  • ze_slender_escape_b4
  • ze_nightmare_dimension_v2_6fix
  • ze_hold_em_v10
  • ze_biohazard2_rpd
  • ze_biohazard2_manor
  • ze_ravenholm_v04
  • ze_saw_final

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Posted  Edited by willywilson

"Gfl Rawdogging it for their first time"




Special Kickers: only secret level


I know we're better than n4a, but after 8 hours of tryharding and two events, they couldn't beat this single level, I don't think anyone has beaten the secret level yet, and it's pretty much frostdick with a harder boss, and a laser boss imo. Really good map, and we could probably get it done in about 2ish hours if we just use n4a's strategy. 


Also their strategy for the first boss is focus on single body parts at a time in a specific order: upper left, lower left, lower right, upper right, then the face in the middle. 


After this, for the last boss, we would need to split two sides and overdefend while a few laserfags go shoot kim jong un.


Also for those of you wondering why play a moray map that used to be popular and now no one plays? Secret level is a weird mixture of a lot of different maps from ze, that is just weird and fits together quite well, with some fun traps, and a wide variety of visual elements, that is just pretty cool. Also I've never seen or even heard about secret level being played on the server, and while it's not the next cosmo, it's still pretty fun and deserves a little bit of attention.

Edited by willywilson

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Motivate George to finish maps and save him from the hell known as Real Life





Special Kicker: Restricted m249s, no nades. (may need removing on hsc)


These are all my released maps and they all suck but play them so i actually finish moltentemple and hsc please and thank you.

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Posted  Edited by Lv100Crobat

Some tryhard then chills





Special kickers:

-Bhop is enabled

-Limited ammo for Levels 1 and 2 (900).

-Multiple nade rebuys (Costs 6000$).

-No weapon rebuys.



Edited by Lv100Crobat

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