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Plum Krazy

Ban appeal

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Your In Game Name:

Plum Krazy/Uncle Clem

Your Steam ID:


Which Admin Banned you:


Ban Reason:

AIMBOT/Ban evasion

Why should you be Unbanned:

Original ban appeal back in beginning of May: 


So as you can see from the pasted link I made a ban appeal back in May. It did not go through because I logged on a different account and evaded the ban. It was not right and I am like seriously tired of all of the other gmod servers out there. They are all shit or have 300 ping. I was all sorts of messed up back in May if you couldn't tell from reading the previous appeal and I wanted to apologize for evading my ban. I know you guys like to wait awhile before you even consider unbanning a perma, but I am incredibly sorry and I miss this server so damn much and will be on my best behavior.

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