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Use your celphone as a microphone for your PC games!

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(Sorry for my bad english btw) i don't know if i've posted this topic in the correct section. If it doesn't correspond, just move it please :)

Hello fellas, today i want to show you how to use the microphone of your mobile in computer games (to play CS:S, CS:GO, etc etc). This could be very usefull for those people who don't have a mic in the headphones and want to talk with us in-game!

Today i've broke my mic and i've started searching if there's a way to use the mobile mic in the computer, and i've found it! You just should install 2 apps (one in your celphone and the other one in your computer). Let's start explaining!


The app is called DroidCam. Go to PlayStore and download it!

Once you install the app in your phone (i think it doesn't work on iOS, you should find another app like this for Iphones), it'll print a simple information like this:




But wait, don't rush. Just let your mobile in the desktop and go to your PC.


The following thing is that you must download the same app in your PC. You can do it using this link:

https://www.dev47apps.com/droidcam/ (Windows, Linux and MacOS)


After installing this app in your PC too, you should open it, then you will see the this:




You don't need to do anything tricky or strange, it's easy; by the way this program allow you to use your mobile camera as a web cam too (but we're not here to know how to do that, right?)

To continue with this fantastic application, just Tick the "Audio" option in the middle of the screen.

Now, go to your mobile app again and copy the same details in your PC: (i'll put the 1st screenshot here again)



Now, after you have these details in mind, put all of them in your PC app, like this:




After doing this, just click in "Start", RESTART YOUR COMPUTER, and finally you can use your mobile microphone in your games! 

I hope it serves you and good luck using your new mic :)



If you had installed a previous mic in your computer, just do this: (images are in spanish, i'm so sorry)








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1 minute ago, JGuary551 said:

Good to know thank you very much, I gotta try this out because my mic is weird


Do it and tell me if it has served you :D

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