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Event #104 -- Soft Serve's Ugly Children Map Combo (Except Meat)

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Posted  Edited by Vanya


Reasoning for admins choosing the event this week is because, once again, we need to make a decision regards events (every how often we host them and stuff like that) that hopefully will actually be permanent now.


We're perfectly aware that we set ourselves to do events weekly again when we were in .ru, however, as I did mention there, whichever decision we had established back there could have changed once the merge was successful, and I think it's time that we change it, yet again.


How often the events will be set up and so on will be decided in a super secret admOn meeting this weekend, so you can expect a reply from us (note that this is going to be an admin only decision, but as soon as we have made a decision we'll let you guys know) between Saturday and Sunday.


Another disclaimer (and also the most important reason we're doing this meeting once again) is because we feel like how often you guys decide to nominate events and so on is decreasing considerably to the point where I have to take nominations as old as 3 weeks before current event, more information on this once the meeting (and event) has concluded.


Event Overview:

Hello everyone!


For this week we'd like to relieve you guys from the hassle of thinking hard about nominations (and also from making me write 3000 threads a week) and let you sit back and enjoy a small little event that we (the admin team as a whole) have prepared for you.


For this event we'll be playing:


  • ze_magic_carpet_v1_0
  • ze_gargantua_v2_0
  • ze_hidden_fortress_v1_0
  • ze_meatropolis_v2_0 
  • ze_chroma_v0_6
  • ze_space_race_v1_1


Day and time of the event:

  • Saturday, November 10th @ 11pm GMT-0
To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea.
Eventually the times will be posted in our Steam group for your convenience so make sure to join it so you can see the exact time at which it starts for you!
Special Kickers:
  • Meatropolis will be played on pF settings, but we'll have our HP set to 175 (since having high HP is required to survive the map)
  • Space Race will be played three times, once with 150hp, once with 100hp and once with 50hp.
VIP Rewards:
  • Gotta yeet 5 out of 6 maps for a week of V.I.P.!
Duration of the event:
  • 4-5 hours should be enough
  • Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual
  • Micspamming (preventing a leader from leading) is not allowed
  • Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed.
Anyone willing to be. 
See you on Saturday!
Edited by Vanya

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18 hours ago, Malal said:

So are voted events gone or will it just be a mix between those and admin picked events?

The admin team is gonna officially decide on events sometime this weekend during a team meeting.

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Posted  Edited by Backy

Admin "handled" events is a temporary measure until we figure out a solution to our current event situation. Having Vanya do the WHOLE event process every single week when the participation in the process and in the server lately itself has been so week makes no sense. Not to mention how much work it is. Our thought was to alternate 1 community run event and 1 admin run event. That way we could have a better saturation of community ideas and at the same time allow our admins to come up with unique and creative event ideas that normally may not be possible. This not only gives us our usual weekly events to gather around every weekend, but it also takes away a bit of the tedious process associated with having to micro-manage an under-saturated event nomination system.


This is all going to be discussed at the admin meeting tomorrow, but honestly the other alternative was just events every 2 weeks, so I think this is probably a nice solution. If anyone has a better idea, do feel free to let us know. As always, this is subject to change if it does not work out.

Edited by Backy

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On 11/8/2018 at 6:58 AM, Vanya said:

but as soon as we have made a decision we'll let you guys know) between Saturday and Sunday.


Please consider this. Server is empty at day times (my region). The only time I see players is when I am working. You guys make events at 10pm/11pm gmt which is 3am/4am. I am not complaining about times. I can manage for Saturdays because the next day is Sunday. However, for Sundays, it would be next to impossible to join the servers for events if the events are 10pm/11pm gmt. My request to the authorities concerned is to not move days. Otherwise, players like me can not join in.


Thank you

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