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Howdy Fellers’

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Heya everybody, I’m not new at all, I just haven’t been introduced, or introduced myself at all. Im Shadow, or Cameron, or whatever the hell you want to call me, and some of you might have seen me on the TTT server, or just hanging around on the various ZS servers occasionally, but most of you prolly haven’t because I’m a very late night gamer at least 80% of the time, anyways, I’m basically Vivian’s, (or whatever tf you knew her as idk) replacement until she’s done with college bullshit, and shit like that. 


Anyways, I’ve been a part of GFL for a while, 2 years, despite not being seen too much by people until the last 3 recent months. I try and be as active as I can, but I have a job, and I’m finishing my senior year in high school. I’m sick as fuck, both literally, and in the cool way. Anyways, peace, yo.


Here’s my steam account btw for any cool dudes who wanna be my friend :’)

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